Camp Inski 2006:
Mariannenplatz 2
10997 Berlin
Do. 14h-17h

Camp Inski - Anti-G8-Camping at the Baltic Sea

Camping Against G8 And For Something Completely Different.

“Camp Inski”, the preparation and information camp for the forthcoming G8 summit in Germany, took place from August 4th-14th in North West Germany. Somewhat less than one year before the G8-summit, autonomously organized resistance meets and plots for several days in close proximity to the future summit location in the nearby town of Heiligendamm. Numbers are difficult to guess – several reports speak of more than 500 while others say many more came during the week. The workshops ranged from meetings about mobilisation, blockades and bike caravans to general questions of resistance and social movements.

While discussing and organizing next year's protest, various actions took place showing the wide range of activities started by the camp, including going from door to door in nearby villages and towns to inform residents of the future protests. A villa was occupied in opposition to the commercialisation of the increasingly posh seaside resort. An anti-racist demonstration (Video: 1 | 2 ) was held in the nearby city of Rostock. On friday hundreds of activists gathered at the beach outside summit venue, on saturday protest closed down an exhibition of the nazi artist Arno Breker while activists protested at a GMO field nearby the camp.

Videos (german):

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Pictures and reports on uk.indymedia.org:

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Pictures and reports on de.indymedia.org:

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Camp Inski is a self-organzised and non-commercial camp. Beside of that: we are living in the capitalistic system and therefore we also have camp-fees from 4 to 5 Euro´s per day and person. For 10 day´s that sounds a lot, but there a lot of facilities like toiletts, garbage, water, big tents,etc. that we all use and that we all have to pay. By the way… the camp-fee is not including the costs for drinks, meals and vokü. But as allway´s … if you don´t have enough money, you can also participate.

Where is Camp Inski?

After a long search, we now got a place for Camp Inski. The camp will be in Steinhagen, which belongs to Kirch Mulsow. The most important informations about how to get there and other last informations we got in a small paper. You can get these under:

Download last information

as a pdf-file for download and printing. Because not everyone can read a pdf-files, we got all the information also as text here. A map of the camp-area you will get here as jpg-picture and here for printing as pdf-file as we got managed some technical problems with it.

On the first weekend there will be a shuttle from the trainstation in hagebök to camp inski!

Another thing from Monday the 31th of july, there will be the office open from 2 pm to 8 pm every day until Thursday the 3th of august, if you have any questions, or you arrive in berlin or hamburg and need a sleepingplace, you want to do a workshop etc just call the office or pass by....

adress: Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin

phone: 0049(0)176-62078158 or 0049(0)30-40985406

For global social rights and an entirely different entirety!

August 4-13th 2006

In summer 2007 the G8 will meet at the Kempinski Grand Hotel at Heiligendamm / Rostock. Many texts were written against the G8 summits and there is nothing else to demand than to close down these meetings. Those summits are also symbolic places of a collective "Ya Basta!" to against the neoliberal vision of the end of history. It was in those protest where we experienced a collective ability to visualize a completely diffent world, on a global scale.

The international camp against the G8 Summit 2007 in Heiligendamm, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern will take place from August 4.-13. 2006 at Heiligendamm, Rostock. ( yes that's correct, we are one year early ;) ) There is an english translation of the "First Call" here ...

Practical Information

A list of what is already organinzed and what to bring to the camp can be found here

International Call

The leaders of the 8 most powerful nations of the world have one big meeting every year, where they discuss the most important developments of the world´s economy and politics. The huge influence of these nations means that decisions of the G8 meetings have direct and massive results for large parts of the world. Their politics stand for exploitation, poverty, social attacs and migration control. Our vision of the world is different from this. We want to build up a just world with equal rights, which is orientating itself towards basic human needs and away from overwhelming exploitation, exclusion and power. read more ...


for an anti-capitalist, anti-state, anti-racist, anti-patriarchal, anti-fascist, undogmatic preparation far beyond the G8 2007 in Heiligendamm.

Seen in the cold light of day and all the more so under cover of our beloved friend darkness the power-relations we face today can only lead us to one consequnce: To confront the ugly capital-lettered-bunches of the rich and powerful in EU, NATO, WTO, G8 on a much more unlimited and borderless basis. If national governments act more and more internationally and increasingly refuse to take political responsibility - stuttering Brussels or world market accordingly - this insight should become communicable more easily also to a non-anarchist audience in times to come. This is a reason for joy, but it should not make us sleepy. After all the states of Europe with their militarization, repression and spying on the poor spare no efforts these days to make themselves the enemy of all people that don´t want to accept the deadly sellout of the world. read more ...

Please read how to contact the camp working group and how to get involved.

More information concerning the G8 2007 in Germany can be found at

http://dissentnetzwerk.org | http://g8-2007.de | http://gipfelsoli.org

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