Camp Inski 2006:
Mariannenplatz 2
10997 Berlin
Do. 14h-17h


July, 31st,2006: Please collect your ticket´s for trains, planes, any receipt for gas and fuel and bring it to the info point. when you leave the camp please take and envelope (the is already a stam on it) with you and send all you receipt for backtravelling to us.

July, 4th, 2006: To find or offer a lift to Camp Inski go here GoCampinski

June, 30th, 2006: Proposal for the decission making stucture during the camp can be found here (sorry, only german explanations until now)

June, 30th, 2006: On the camp there will be a special women/lesbian/trans-area, including the possibility of an own assembly.

June, 2006: Call for an anti-capitalist, anti-state, anti-racist, anti-patriarchal, anti-fascist, undogmatic preparation far beyond the G8 2007 in Heiligendamm. Seen in the cold light of day and all the more so under cover of our beloved friend darkness the power-relations we face today can only lead us to one consequnce: To confront the ugly capital-lettered-bunches of the rich and powerful in EU, NATO, WTO, G8 on a much more unlimited and borderless basis. read more ...

Juni 2006: Get involved: Call to all groups and persons to join or support the camp preparation group that has a huge amount of work to do (sorry, text only in german language)read more ...

June, 2006: The next camp preparation meeting takes place in berlin form july 20th to july 23th.

April, 2006: First Call is out. read the english version here

April, 2006:Video-activists anounced to do a workshop at the camp"

February, 2006: There is a first issue of the mobilizing newspaper of the interventionist left. more mobilisation stuff ...

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