Camp Inski 2006:
Mariannenplatz 2
10997 Berlin
Do. 14h-17h


for an anti-capitalist, anti-state, anti-racist, anti-patriarchal, anti-fascist, undogmatic preparation far beyond the G8 2007 in Heiligendamm.

Seen in the cold light of day and all the more so under cover of our beloved friend darkness the power-relations we face today can only lead us to one consequnce: To confront the ugly capital-lettered-bunches of the rich and powerful in EU, NATO, WTO, G8 on a much more unlimited and borderless basis. If national governments act more and more internationally and increasingly refuse to take political responsibility - stuttering Brussels or world market accordingly - this insight should become communicable more easily also to a non-anarchist audience in times to come. This is a reason for joy, but it should not make us sleepy. After all the states of Europe with their militarization, repression and spying on the poor spare no efforts these days to make themselves the enemy of all people that don´t want to accept the deadly sellout of the world. It´s not so easy to organize and network on an international level. To have the world in mind while acting is often blocked by the borders in our heads - that we are simply not used to think in a way dissenting from seperation and exclusion. Often our traditions of resistance keep within bounds much more than we really want, but theres no other place to learn it. So it´s time now to go on to the practical points.

How to organize the fervently longed-for "Undogmatic Internationale"?

We think that a mix of actions and discussions proved to be the best way and that CampInski 06 - the camp to organize against g8 and for global social rights and an entirely different entirety taking place from 4th-13th of august in the area of the summit site - seems to be the right place for that. Radical Left, anarchists, autonomous and anti-authoritarians from hopefully a lot of countries, cities and regions will gather there to cook up a strategy against the meeting of the G8 2007 in Heiligendamm.

We propose the following:

1.] To have a big meeting in the evening (NOT a panel-discussion) in the first days of the camp, to talk about the methods and tasks of an international preparation. We already developed some conceptional ideas, which we´d like to introduce to you below. To dicuss about them in the meeting should enable us to really constitute the international working-group during the following days, commited to put the results of this discussion into action before and during the summit. In the evening-discussion critique, inpulses and suggestions for improvement are as welcome as companer@s who want to partizipate in that working-group afterwards. It remains to be seen in how far the group will be able to already feel responsible for certain tasks on CampInski.

2.] on the big meeting we can also think of some kind of action. In planing and realizing this (for example anti-racist or anti-fashist) action together, the different quality of an international preparation compared to an international mobilization could become clear. We should give ourselves enough time to discuss aims and means of the action, to share experiences and last but not least to inform ourselves about the specific conditions activists have to face in a modern police-state before we confront it. In this point it is necessary to cooperate with the anti-repression-group already existing, for not doing things twice.

3.] refers to this cooperation between the by-then newly created International AG and this group. The Antirepression AG is considering the different conditions in various countries and will prepare a briefing on the german situation. This discussion about repression in Germany should definitely not lead us into collective stagnation. Educating ourselves about repression and sharing experiences should and has to enable us to encounter the G8 offensively and practically militant, to learn from the different backgrounds and experiences despite strange and difficult conditions.

Conceptual thoughts for an International Working Group

To begin with, "Internationals" to us are all the people partizipating in the summit protests that don´t feel as germans. Hurra! This is us! Ok, ok - Taking that consensus as a starting point we will have to arrange a lot of technical stuff like translations and travel costs. Next point is to share our experiences and knowledge about german police and legal system with all those unfamiliar with it - in talks and discussions, and also on paper. Obviously this is much more that a working group can do. Therefore creating awareness is an important task of the working group: To remind ourselves and our comrades again and again, during the protests as well as before, to share as much as possible with the internationals . Be it papers and discussions translated in other languages, targets for actions in several countries, even a little remark at the right moment, that the activity over there means that a squad of police is preparing to pick someone. A lot of people already do these and other things for their closer friends and comrades and we would really enjoy to see them socialized a bit more. The more we can get rid of the borders in our habits and heads the better it is - even though we supposedly won´t reach everything we dream of. Having a closer look at the daily challenges during the summit-protests we had the following ideas - and if some of them can be realized during CampInski already this is good and not bad.

Translations to be heard

All plenaries and discussions where we can´t use a translation machine will be held in german and english as standart. This will also enable people in smaller translation-corners to actively participate in the debates instead of only trying to keep up with what others said. Comrades preparing more complex discussions should think about offering their contributions in written form before and at least in english. We have to decide on the meeting mentioned above in how far we can manage to organize translators and feel responsible for coordination and funding.

Translations to be seen

During the protests all information should be available at least bilingual, perhaps inspired by canadian publications*. But already now selected texts should be translated into other languages to give people who cannot read german the opportunity to partizipate in the preparation of the protests. Talking about preparation we should not only think of our comrades in other parts of the world who already promised to come over 2007, but also to intensify the cooperation with the activists living here, voluntary or not. Concerning activists living in a greater distance this collective preparation doesn´t mean organizing the infrastructure together but to get discussions going across borders and to relate to one another, whereby it is essential not only to spread mobilization materials. In that sense we call all of you to translate like mad and to encourage all of your friends to do so as well. Get active on the lists or contact us [g8-int@lists.riseup.net & g8-2007@lists.riseup.net].


We think of the website to be at least in two languages - and more than that if possible, a plan that again needs a lot of support concerning translations. All crucial texts of the organizing process will be there. The site it meant to be provide the space for international preparation, for discussions against the G8 in all Cities and Regions of Europe and beyond. The different working groups are asked to ensure that their texts will be availabe there at least in english and to think about other papers and discussions that could be of interest for our comrades. Maybe we can organize to have more discussions with groups working on the same issues in other countries and non-german speaking groups in Germany - and to have these discussions way more public. So the website could be the public platform for these debates we´re longing for. Moreover all essential information about the conditions of repression in Germany should be there: Information about strategies of the cops, what is happening if people got arrested, how the legal support groups are organized. How much it costs if one got caught despite all good preparations and how the cooperation with lawyers in other countries could work. But how it will be organized is not completely clear yet. We´re still too few people for that, therefore a group has to be created during the camp. [Already active are http://gipfelsoli.org & http://camp06.org]

Info-Plenaries in different languages

A further point is direct communication besides the plenaries. As it is much harder for people not speaking german to distinguish between useful information and rumours - and our experience is that events like this have myriads of rumours to offer - we propose to have short daily info-meetings in the respective languages to give anybody the chance to operate on basis of the latest information available, no matter which form of action he or she prefers. In these meetings there should be someone present from our working group who can also arrange further contacts.

A guide to activists - Holding hands

Besides a leaflet that contains all information useful and important for our comrades that still feel alien to the german state of affairs we propose to have people delegated to certain demonstrations and action-groups to offer help and advice. This could include local knowledge as well as preparing actions together. What we want to do exactly and how much we can promise are questions we have to leave open and discuss with the working group. Up to now we thought of something like organized care, not holding hands but to take responsibility in escalated situations. A lot of it can be done through friendships and contacts but we can not assume that all people from other countries arrive in organized groups. But to feel responsible for guiding all these people cannot be done by the working group alone. Therefore it is the job of the whole mobilization to transform these responsibilities for our comrades from a private to the political sphere.

And once again: Crucial for all that to happen is joint discussion starting now, to find out more about the issues important to all anarchists, autonomous, anti-authoritarians, radical left across all these borders and how to put them into collective action.

This is not the end, this is the beginning of a beautiful dream. We call you to create this international working group with us and to spread this idea and to all your contacts, through all your channels - to have as many internationals camp with us as possible.

For an international mobilizing and organizing against the G8 and beyond - Come to the Camp -Venceremos! We will win! Break kaputt what breaks you down!

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