Camp Inski 2006:
Mariannenplatz 2
10997 Berlin
Do. 14h-17h

How to get to Camp Inski

The Camp-Area is in Steinhagen, which belongs to Kirch Mulsow (with 364 inhabitants in 4 Villages). The next Train Station is Hagebök, about 5 km away. The next shoppingcenters are in Neubukow and Wismar.

Getting to Camp Inski by car

From Berlin/Szczecin

From Berlin you go first direktion Hamburg on A24. Then going on A24/A19 or from Szczecin on A20 to Rostock. At Kreuz Rostock go on A20 to Wismar/Lübeck. At junction Kröpelin you leave the A20 an go direction Kröpelin. At the next big crossing you go to Radegast/Wismar to the left. Beyond Radegast you'll come to Goldberg, where you turn right to Neubukow/Passee. You must follow the street through Passee and Kamin. In Moitin you leave the mainroad to Kirch Mulsow. About 2 km beyond Kirch Mulsow you'll come to a crossing, where you go left to Steinhagen. And on the other side of Steinhagen is Camp Inski! If you like to drive on bigger roads, you could go on A20 to Kreuz Wismar and follow the Rout from Hamburg from there.

From Hamburg

Going on the A20 to Rostock. At Kreuz Wismar leave A20 and go to Wismar on A241. When A241 ends, you go on B105 to Neubukow/Bad Doberan. After you have passed Steinhausen, you turn right to Ilow/Kirch Mulsow. Beyond Madsow you go right to Steinhagen. And on the other Side of Steinhagen is Camp Inski!

Going to Camp Inski by train

From Rostock/Bad Doberan

to Hagebök, Train direction: Wismar

Rostock leaving: 4.06 every hour until 20.06, some trains go at .09 and .13, if you are .06 at the station, you are early enough.

Bad Doberan: 4.32 every hour until 20.32

Neubokow: 4.51 every hour until bis 20.51

From Wismar

to Hagebök, train direction: Tessin.

4.42 every hour until 20.42

From Berlin

Leaving Berlin HBf: 7.25, 9.25, 11.25, 13.25, 15.25, 17.25 to Wismar.

Leaving Berlin HBf: 6.41, 8.41, 10.41, 12.41, 14.41, 16.41 to Rostock.

Going from Wismar/Rostock to Hagebök see above.

From Szczecin

Leaving Stettin: 7.00, 8.51,... 15.00 to Bad Kleinen. In Bad Kleinen the trains go every hour at .01 or .03 to Wismar.

Going from Wismar to Hagebök see above.

From Hamburg

Leaving Hamburg HBf: 6.20, 8.20 ... to Bad Kleinen with RegionalExpress (cheap and slow), direction Rostock

5.40, 7.42, 9.44 with IC to Bad Kleinen (faster (20 minutes) and more expensive), IC direction Ostseebad Binz

From Bad Kleinen to Wismar the trains go every hour at .01 or .03 to Wismar.

Going from Wismar to Hagebök see above.

Traintimes in Hagebök

to Bad Doberan/Rostock: 4.57 every hour until 20.57

to Wismar: 4.59 every hour until 20.59


from Kirch Mulsow to Neubukow, Bus 111

monday: 6.40, 10.17

tuesday: 6.40, 10.17

wednesday: 6.40, 10.11, 15.16

thursday: 6.40

friday: 6.40, 10.17

weekend: no busses

Neubukow Bahnhof to Kirch Mulsow Bus 111:

monday: 6.15, 10.00

tuesday: 6.15, 10.00

wednesday: 6.15, 10.00, 15.00

thursday: 6.15

friday: 6.15, 10.00

bring along


Camping equipment (Tents etc.)

Extra camping equipment for migrants

everything you need for demonstrations

small radios for our simultaneous translation

5 euro per day for the camp. And a little more money, because eating will also cost money.

water soluble sun cream

medicine against allegies

mosquito net, midge repellent spray

this things would also be good


everything, that gives shadow


Inline Skates


airbeds, rubber dinghy, water wings, swimming things

pocket lamp

fire extinguishers


The camp-area is unsuitable for dogs

See you on Camp Inski!

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