Antirepression Basics

Translation of significant repression words [read more...]

What do you do in critical situations?
The first rule is: Don’t panic!

Edition 2007, Rote Hilfe
This is the basic rule of every emergency plan, and therefore also our own. It should help to prevent your arrest or your preliminary proceedings from turning into a catastrophe.
Arrest during demonstrations or other activities, seizures of leaflets, newspapers etc., house searches, orders of punishment, and finally, trials – these are the measures anyone is confronted today who is politically active in the fight against exploitation and oppression, regardless of whether she or he is an anti-Fascist, an anti-nuclear activist, an anti-militarist, a communist, or an anarchist.

The Activist Survival Handbook
Stories, guides, advice and useful information about activist survival, safety and sustainability.
For activists, community workers, and anyone working for change

booklet to form affinity groups

We don't know if you have in your context or in your country similiar experiences like we have identified in our context in Germany. We have recently got the the impression that at demonstrations and other political events there were quiet a few people on their own without a group or friends. There seems to be these people have only little information, for example, it seems that they don't know our legal support structure (EA - Ermittlungsausschuß see glossary), or they aimlessly run around and do often run away in panic.

Legalteam – finds out the whereabouts of arrested people – gets lawers
Think about before demonstration
• Take along your valid identity card, passport, visa and residence permit.
• Take along small change and a phonecard.
• Take along your health insurance certificate /card and 10 Euros for the case of medical treatment....[more]

Call for border crossing infrastructure!
At the international meeting in Warsaw there was a meeting being held on border crossing issues and on the setting up of international Infopoints.

We defined three issues which we have to organize infrastructure for: visa issues, Information and Infopoints. Therefore we need a lot of support, especially from all the people in the neighbouring countries.[more...]