Legalteam-– finds out the whereabouts of arrested people – gets lawers

– finds out the whereabouts of arrested people – gets lawers

Think about before demonstration
• Take along your valid identity card, passport, visa and residence permit.
• Take along small change and a phonecard.
• Take along your health insurance certificate /card and 10 Euros for the case of medical treatment.
• Take along a first-aid kit and necessary medicaments.
• Write down the EA-phonenumber.
• Take along something for writing.
• Empty all your pockets; just take along what you really need at the demonstration!
• Watch out: In Germany it is illegal to take along or wear things, that protect your body against violence (helmets, protectors, etc.), that can be used as weapons or prevent your identification (masks). So be careful.
• Drugs and alcohol don´t match with demonstrations; it endangers yourself and other people.
• Leave photographs, calendars, adress- and telephonebooks at home.
• Delete all memories on your cellularphone.
• Avoid the use of contact lenses and greasy ointments. Teargas will enrich in it.
Think about at the demonstration
• Think about what you are talking at the demonstration; there are many police-agents in the crowd.
• Don´t take pictures or videotapes from persons at the demonstration.
• Don´t go to demonstration by yourself. stay together in groups, before and after the demonstration.
• If the police arrests people: Try to write down their name, date of birth, address and nationality and report it to the EA.
• Private security agencies don´t have police or other authority rights. They are only allowed to do what any other cidizen is allowed to.

In case of arrest
• Shout your name, date of birth, address and nationality to the other demonstrators.
• You are obliged to tell the police your name, address, date and place of birth and your nationality only.
Don´t talk about other things!
• Don´t make any statement! You got the right to say nothing. The policestation, policecar and jail are not the right place to talk. In this way you won´t incriminate yourself or other people.
Don´t sign any paper!
• Ask about the reason for your arrest.
• Try to call the EA to inform it about your and other peoples situation.
• In case of a „Erkennungsdienstliche Behandlung“ (ED = taking pictures, fingerprints; registrating weight, bodymarks, tattoos, etc.) and in case of taking a DNA-sample renounce these measures verbally and let the police note it down. Don´t agree in taking a DNA-sample (saliva, hairs, other cellular material). Don´t sign any paper.
• At least you have to be released at the end of the next day. Otherwise you have to be taken to a judge.
• If you think you won´t get free in time, at least if you come to a judge insist on a lawyer. The EA can help you to get one. Take your right to say nothing even before the judge.

After you are released
• Report immediately to the EA. Even if you haven´t done it before: maybe someone else did.