Call to prepare and organise a climate camp in Germany

1) The idea
2) How the idea emerged and how where we can go from here
3) Why organise a climate camp?
4) Communication....

Call for witnesses
Sexual police violence during the protests against the G8 in Heiligendamm 2007

Report of the Anti-sexist Contact and Awareness Group

During the protests against the G8 in the area around Heiligendamm, sexism, sexual police violence and the threats of sexual police violence repeatedly occurred. We are looking for witnesses, on the one hand for an internal exchange and a strengthening amongst the affected persons, on the other hand so that a group of affected persons, in an anonymous form, is able to act. [more...]

Collective Radar G8 2007: Help Build the Action Map!
Resistance to the G8 in and around Heiligendamm was as massive as it was multiple and diverse.
To show this, the facilities to build a collective action map depicting all of the actions that happened, are being put together. The map will have icons that indicate where what kind of action took place. The individual icons will be linked to texts, films or pictures about the actions. You will also be able to view a brief summary while scrolling with your mouse. [more...]

Call for the Anti-G8 Action July 2008 By NO! G8 Japan
In July 2008, heads of the states that monopolize two thirds of earth’s wealth will gather at Toya Lake in Hokkaido Japan. Although the so-called Group of Eight does not have any legitimate right for deciding planetary affairs, they have self-appointed themselves world ruler. Thus the G8 has driven neo-liberal globalization at the same time as spreading poverty, violence, hatred, segregation, and environmental destruction. [more...]

Call to Action: Dignity, Autonomy, and Solidarity over Greed and Corporate Power!
Disrupt the IMF and the World Bank meetings

Washington DC, October 19-21, 2007

The misery, marginalization, and impoverishment forced on millions by the International Monetary Fund and World Bank is unacceptable.
The IMF and World Bank claim to lead the fight against poverty but their role as global loan sharks; their cruel imposition of privatization, cuts to social services, and free trade policies; their funding for environmentally disastrous projects; their secrecy and undemocratic decision making processes, make them an enemy of the people worldwide. [more...]

Make the G8 Precarious! - FelS G8 Call to Action
Make the G8 Precarious, Flexi-Fight the New World Order
Superfluous and Superheroes of the World: Unite and Take Over!

From 6-8 June, together with thousands of others, as part of the Block G8 campaign, we will cut the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm off from its infrastructure. The other world – the one we say is possible – will, once again, be revealed as already here.[more...] 17. Mai 2007
Call for a Superhero Block at the G8 2007
The Dispensables and precarious Superheroes called The Unbeatables are calling for a block at the mass demonstration and at the mass blockades against the G8 summit. Both entities are part of the ongoing struggles to understand and resist contemporary conditions of precarity of live and work.[more...] 17. Mai 2007
Announcing Flash Radio G8 2007 Podcast

Flash Radio is a podcast from and about the G8 2007 in Heiligendamm Germany. Subscribe to our podcast about the actions against the G8 or listen to it online. From the 2nd June through till the 10th our 30 minute podcast will contain selected material recorded by our embedded citizen reporter teams.[more...]

Call for worldwide public screenings of current video reports about the protests against the G8 summit 2007
We are a network of video activists from Germany. Together with video groups from other countries we will offer daily several video reports and a live-show to download from the new internet-platform in the context of the protests against the G8 summit 2007 in Heiligendamm starting in the beginning of June.[more...]

Demonstration Friday 11 6pm London: Against The G8 and Police Repression

This morning (Wednesday May 9th) police raided about 40 buildings in Germany, including several social centres and private homes in Berlin and Hamburg, as well as the alternative web provider . Police forces searched the "Rote Flora" in Hamburg as well as parts of the "Bethanien" in Berlin. Both places are planning to be decentralised convergence centres for the G8 protests of early June.[more...]

Call for Action - 40 Years of Occupation in Palestine - June 6-12

5. May, 2007
The second week of June will mark forty years since the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza in the 1967 Six Day war. This is now the longest enduring military occupation in the world. While the Israeli government evades negotiations that would end the occupation and lead to a just peace, the lives of Palestinians continue to be crushed daily by closures and economic strangulation, their land confiscated for settlements and their communities made into prisons by the Segregation Wall.[read more...]

Make Capitalism History
Or: broaden the mobilisation against the G8 summit
Call to Action by the Interventionist Left

June 2007. A never ending procession of demonstrators from all over the world, protesting against the summit of the G8 states, snakes through the streets of Rostock. Tens of thousands greet the heads of government as soon as they arrive on the airport’s runway and blockade the opulent conference location of Heiligendamm.[more...]

After the first meeting during the Global Meeting in Venice (that took place at the end of March 2007), people from various Social Centers (Italy) and people from the Antiauthoritarian Movement (Greece) called the International Meeting during the 3rd G8-Action-Conference in Rostock, Germany. [more...]

Against the G8 Summit in June 2007
From everywhere in Europe, let.s march together to Heiligendamm for the equality of social rights everywhere. Against all forms of the precarisation of our lives and our jobs there is but one solution: equality of rights for everyone... [more...]

Call out for No Border Camp in Ukraine 2007
The camp will take place from the 11th to the 20th of August 2007 in the main region of transit and labor migration in Ukraine:

Shut down G8 Summit! Conflicts make Europe
This weekend in the city of Rostock there have been three days of discussion rounds to prepare the demonstrations against the G8 meeting.[more...]

Shut down G8 Summit! Conflicts make Europe // Centri sociali verso Heiligendamm
Wednesday April 11th, 2007

Hundreds of us met in Venice during Global Meeting.
We discussed about Europe, movements and autonomous conflicts. This discussion was extraordinary thanks to everyone’s contribution and to the great participation (more than five hundred activists coming from all over Europe). We all agreed that Political Europe already exists. Multilateral Europe exists in governance and economy, in the acceptance of war and in repression.[more...]

Block the G8 Summit, By Any Means Necessary!
February 24, 2007, International Antifascist Bloc

In early June of 2007 (06-08.06 to be precise), the leaders of the G8 nations will meet in Heiligendamm, Germany. Behind an 12 kilometer long fence and protected by thousands upon thousands of soldiers and police officers, they will intend to provide an image of transparency and accountability to the current social, political, and economic world model.[more...]

Call for border crossing infrastructure!
At the international meeting in Warsaw there was a meeting being held on border crossing issues and on the setting up of international Infopoints.

We defined three issues which we have to organize infrastructure for: visa issues, Information and Infopoints. Therefore we need a lot of support, especially from all the people in the neighbouring countries.[more...]

25.05. - 01.06.07 Days of Action in Hamburg against G8
In Hamburg there will be a International Demonstration at monday the 28th of may against the ASEM / EU foreign affairs ministers meeting and several Days of action befor and after it.[more...]

29 March 2007Action days in Germany June 1st (Bombodrom) and 5th (Rostock-Laage)
Antimilitarist actions days in Germany, on 1st June 2007 in the Kyritz-Ruppin Heathland, and on 5th June 2007 in Rostock-Laage. Both actions intend to show the connection between G8 and war.[read more...]

Stop the nazi demonstration - 2. June 2007 Schwerin

While thousands of anti-G8 activists will held a mass demonstration in Rostock at the 2th of June, the fascist party NPD announced that at the same time they are going to demonstrate in Schwerin. Up to 1500 neo-nazis will try to present themselfes as the “only real anticapitalists” to media and population. That has to be averted.[more...]

friday 8th June 2007 International Day of Direct Action against Climate Change and the G8.
Direct Action for Climate Justice – Resistance is Self Defense!

We all know the terrifying statistics: a million species extinct by 2050, 19 of the 20 hottest years on record since 1980, Greenland and Antarctica melting, droughts, floods, famines … the G8 have had over 30 years to address climate change and only succeeded in providing trillions in subsidies to the very industries that are destroying our planet and our future. And while the G8 continues to line their pockets, island states disappear and hundreds of thousands die as a result of the freak weather conditions caused by their irrational and uncontrollable obsession with never ending economic growth.[more...]

Anarchist roll-call to Chernobyl day protest in Minsk, Belarus, on April, 26th 2007
21 years ago, 26th of April 1986, a reactor melted down in Nuclear power station in Chernobyl of Ukraine. Byelorussians were to suffer most from this worst nuclear disaster in history of mankind.[more...]

Eight good reasons to block the G8
(By: Affinity Group Wilnis)
An impressive number of groups in Germany and outside is currently preparing to effectively blockade the G8 summit this June. At least they will try to, they are, of course countered by a large police force that will try and stop them.
At carious info-nights about these mobilisation efforts held in the Netherlands, you often hear people voicing doubts about the use of blockades. It is sometimes claimed that they “useless”, “a ritual” and that “summits are only symbols”. Below you will find eight good reasons for taking part in the blockades and help making them successful.[more...]

Shut down G8 Summit!
Conflicts make Europe
Social centres towards Heilingendamm

Hundreds of us met in Venice during Global Meeting. We discussed about Europe, movements and autonomous conflicts. This discussion was extraordinary thanks to everyone's contribution and to the great participation (more than five hundred activists coming from all over Europe). [more...]

Call for April 17: International Peasant's struggle Day
Thursday, 29 March 2007
The 17th of April is the International Peasant's Struggle Day, establishedafter the massacre of 19 landless peasants belonging to the Landless Movement(MST) in Brazil on the 17th of April 1996 during the second conference ofLaVia Campesina in Tlaxcala Mexico.
In commemoration of the International Peasant's Struggle Day, La Via Campesinaand its allies are organizing activities and actions all over the world.Peasants and friends will rally around the following demands:[read more...]

Call for action against G8 - Palestine: No wars – no Walls
In the first week of June the bosses of the 8 economically most powerful nations of the world will meet for a nice cup of tea in the German resort of Heiligendamm, close to Rostock. To guarantee the security of the cosy meeting, the place will be surrounded by a security fence 2 ½ meters high, 1 meter deep into the ground, and 13 kilometers long, using 12.5 million Euros worth of barbed wire and cement.[more...]

Call out for Global Days of Action and Information against Capitalism in the time around the G8 summit 2007
International Warsaw Meeting on Preparation of the G8 protests-2007
Capitalism attacks us on many fronts in our daily lives. We are forced to endure the current system of capitalism and its oppressive power destroys, exploits, isolates and dehumanizes us. It’s definitely time to get rid of it. [more...]

Move fast, strike harder...
G8 Heiligendamm 07: just another counter-summit?

The G8 circus is coming to Heiligendamm. As recent summits have moved to more remote areas, we have felt our strength decline, mainly because they increasingly control the playground and everything around it. In Seattle, Prague and Genoa our strengths were in being inventive and surprising the police. This allowed us the freedom to stage effective direct actions and disrupt the summits. The time has come to seize back the initiative. [more...]


At the beginning of June 2007, the heads of state and government of the eight largest economic powers will come together for the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm near Rostock.As an act of civil disobedience, we will blockade this Summit. [more...]

Hamburg 28th May 2007 - GATE TO GLOBAL RESISTANCE

International Demonstration against the ASEM - Foreign Ministers Conference of EU and Asian states as an approach to the G8 summit

Just before the G8 summit the largest international conference under Germanys EU-Presidency will take place in Hamburg on the 28 /29 May. 1500 high ranking delegates and the Foreign Ministers of all EU and ASEAN members and other Asian states will hold that conference to push economic cooperation forward.[more...]

Call for alternative G8-radio-coverage!
Global Invitation to: movinG8-RadioForum Bundesverband Freier Radios

On the occasion of the G8-summit 2007, various counter-events and actions are scheduled to take place in Northern Germany. At the start of a week of protests (2nd to 8th June) approx. 100.000 people are expected in Rostock and the surrounding area of the official venue of the summit (Heiligendamm). This will include a large number of journalists and media activists. [more...] [PDF Flyer]

mobilisation in hamburg
against the g8 summit 2007 in heiligendamm
The G8 Summit in Heiligendamm is announced for the 6th to the
8th of June. To use the mobilization to the counter-activities
and to create an opportunity for international activists to get
involved in the local situation, several groups of the radical
left in hamburg prepare for setting up local activities and
infrastructures. As another result we hope to get longer-term
impacts in networks on local, regional and international level. [PDF...]

Clown Liberation Navy
Koalition der Willenlosen

might or might not set in action

A Liberating Invasion Concerted Clown Action Aiming At Seaside Security
- Operation L.I.C.C.A.A.A.S.S. -
Invasion is Liberation!
Target point of landing: 54=B0 8' 34" N, 11=B0 50' 39" O

exact date to be scheduled

Some News From Neo-Colonial-British-Island Activists
After recovering from the G8 in Scotland and having plenty of time to reflect on what worked and what didn't, a first nationwide meeting took place in Nottingham/Sherwood Forest to discuss how we can usefully contribute to the mobilisation against the G8 in Germany. [read more...]

Stop the G 8 Summit
Trade Unions on to the global arena!

Trade Unionists against competition for location and world-wide wage dumping
As trade union members from many countries we are part of the protest against the G-8 summit 2007 in Heiligendamm. Like no other international institution, these annual
summit meetings are symbols of world-wide neoliberal dominance. World economic summits serve global coordination and division of power. That way they stabilise the neoliberal world economic order with its ever worse consequences for the majority of the people. An elitist minority in that context appropriates the wealth that millions of people produce.

Block G8!
move, block, stay

Call for Mass Blockades Against the 2007 G8 Summit in Heiligendamm/Rostock, Germany
At the beginning of June 2007, the heads of state and government of the eight largest economic powers will come together for the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm near Rostock.

As an act of civil disobedience, we will blockade this Summit. Our reason: The politics of the G8 stand for neoliberal, globalised capitalism, which dramatically increases the gap between the rich and poor worldwide. With the "Block G8" campaign, we say "No!" and reject the legitimacy of the G8!

Different initiatives and movements are calling for resistance to the Summit. People from around the globe will articulate their protest through a diverse range of actions. The "Block G8" campaign is one part of this. Take part in the protest actions and take a stand against the politics of the G8! [read more...]

A december paper from P.A.U.L.A in answer to october an november papers and an idea, how it also could be in Heiligendamm next year

“Welcome to our last demonstration in Heiligendamm 2007. With a bewildered gaze we are looking at the sea, the hotel isn’t obstructing the view anymore. The revolution has started. Though there are a lot of things to do now – let’s look back for a moment. While we were waiting for the Air Force One and the other bosses of the world, we blocked and smashed the military airport at Rostock Laage. Now we know – because of the massive demonstrations all over the world, the bosses had to stay at home. Some of the delegates had tried to get through our street blockades but they failed. Nevertheless there was enough time to discuss the issues of the counter-summit and destroy the genetically modifi ed crops, because the cops most time blocked themselves. The genetic companies are smashed, the hotels are open to everyone. Allover Germany the quarters of the rich and the fi nance centers are burning – the people who stayed at home weren’t idle. Some of us are now recovering at the Bombodrom, where some built up a revolutionary, international camp. Because it is now that we are really getting ready to rock.”[read more...]

A Call for massive blockades around the Red Zone
PAULA - September 2006
Somehow the forest seemed to thicken around the guard, and also it was advancing...

It is not only since Seattle and for sure not only within the globalization movement that we are out in the streets fighting against the destruction of our living conditions and for a self-determined life. But it is here that we do it together. When the G8 meet in 2007 in Heiligendamm to plan the next steps of the belligerent sale of the world, they will hide in a cage, as they know all too well that there are 1001 reasons to attack them for their policies. [read more...]

Block Germany
11. November Bewegung
In recent weeks we have heard much discussion of criticisms of the current mobilization against the 2007 G8 (e.g. those of the "22nd of October Collective" published on the Indymedia UK website). Though we have taken part in such discussions we do not consider the debate between centralized and decentralized action to be very fertile. However, it is indubitable that as a movement our strength lies in our ability to innovate, and that the current proposals for Heiligendamm offer nothing but a repetition of tactics which have over recent years become increasingly ineffective, as the forces of order learnt from their mistakes and our internal weaknesses began to show through. [read more...]

A call to attack and block capitalism, Towards an inventive strategy
The 22nd october collective
Towards an inventive strategy‭ for attacking and blocking summit

In the cycle of recent counter summit mobilisations we can see that each time we've‭ ‬won‭ ‬its because we invented some new tactics rather than reproducing a ritualised staged confrontation.‭
For example,‭ ‬in Seattle in‭ ‬1999‭ ‬the capitalists did not expect a large physical mobilisation of people trying to shut their meeting down.‭ ‬In Genoa in‭ ‬2001‭ ‬they expected the red zone to be the focus of action and yet we were elsewhere.‭ ‬During the G8‭ ‬2003,‭ ‬the commercial centre of Geneva could be set on fire,‭ ‬blitzed without anyone being caught because we had the element of surprise.‭ ‬Since Genoa we have had few successes,‭ ‬mainly because we were pursuing‭ ‬another Genoa‭ ‬whilst the police organised to prevent that. [read more...]

Send the G8 to the bottom - Once and forever!
Call from Workgroup G8 of Forum og German speaking Anarchists
October 2006 [PDF...]

Puff away the G8 Summit!
NoG8 group Kiel, september/october 2006

From the 6th to the 8th of June 2007 the leading representatives of the seven richest countries and Russia will gather in the german state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for the so called G8-Summit.
Now, for more than a year of preparations for the counter-activities were made: Radical left-wing groups, as well as other left groups, unionists, NGOs and christian people want to articulate their protest or are even heading towards restistance, with the aim to stop the summit from taking place. From our point of view the optimist expectation of a hundred thousand people is not unrealistic. Also for a while now, the authorities are preparing the summit: An army of over 20.000 police officers is expected to come to Rostock and the sourrounding area. Their job will be to control or to shatter the protests. Around Heiligendamm we will face a total suspension of civil rights, like the right to demonstrate or the freedom of movement. A 13 km long and 2,5 metres high fence around the so called red zone, along with airforce reconnaissance planes and naval warships will be there, trying to secure this plan.[read more...]

A Call for massive blockades around the Red Zone
PAULA - September 2006
Somehow the forest seemed to thicken around the guard, and also it was advancing...

It is not only since Seattle and for sure not only within the globalization movement that we are out in the streets fighting against the destruction of our living conditions and for a self-determined life. But it is here that we do it together. When the G8 meet in 2007 in Heiligendamm to plan the next steps of the belligerent sale of the world, they will hide in a cage, as they know all too well that there are 1001 reasons to attack them for their policies. [read more...]

.... and now for something more and completely different

A global call written at anti-G8 "Camp Inski", Northern Germany, August 2006

Many calls like this have been made before - for people to voice their protests against an unjust, unfair, unequal international system. The G8 summit represents just one part of this. Many have called for mobilisations and hoped networks would grow on their own. Although unsure whether or not we have the right recipe, we will try to avoid making the same mistake. We, the International Working Group on resistance against the next G8, are just a group of people sitting in a field, wanting to change the world.[ read more...]

A Call for Worldwide Actions against Global AgriBusiness during the G8 Summit in June 2007

In June 2007, the political elite of the world's strongest economies (the group of G8 states) will meet in Germany at Heiligendamm near Rostock to coordinate their politics. A basic tenet of this is the creation and widening of better conditions for profit making by transnational companies from the North. At the same time, thousands of people will gather to demonstrate global resistance to exploitation, oppression and capitalism. One topic will be the global politics of agriculture, and in particular genetic technology.[read more...]