Street Medics

Pepperspray, CS, & Other "Less-Lethal" Weapons
Used by Rioting Police to Suppress Dissent
when Politricks & Television fail to do so
autonomedical collective
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Introduction to the International Medics Group

This group was set up during the meetings at Camp Inski in Germany August 2006. The main purpose of our group is to facilitate exchanging experience and ideas aimed at the creation of a network to maintain a basic level of health care for the participants at the protests against the G8 in Germany 2007. The members of this working group are all trained street medics/demo sanis with varying levels of experience and training. We are men and women of different ages and hail from different countries all over the world. Our goal is to anticipate and deal with some of the challenges facing anyone wanting to provide activist health care. We aim to organise logistical and communcations issues such as transport, medical supplies, accomodation/clinic space, organisation concerning camp sites, legal issues facing medics, and much more. We also wish to empower other activists to take care of themselves and their comrades ...

declaration of autonomous and international medic groups from the dissent - spectrum
we as autonomous and international medic groups from the dissent - spectrum are not working together with the Sanitätsgruppe Südwest (www.demosanitä, there for the Sanitätsgruppe Südwest could only speak for themselves and not publish any informations about the whole medic-structure of the G8-resistance.
Furthermore we don' t know that anybody spread rumors - as the group Südwest compains - that streetmedics would not wearing badges, its true that not all of us are wearing it all the time, but we never gave a warning about medics, wearing a badge, quite contrary to that a lot of us medics will be signed on the G8.

your autonomous streetmedics
contact: g8-medics_2007 [at]