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This website was created in september 2005 to collect information about the G8-summit 2006 in Russia. Please read the Basic Principles of the Network against the G8 2006 ( in russian ). However, this is neither an "official website of any group" nor does it speak in behalf of any initiative or network .

Check for updates.

For News during the summit please visit the
Indymedia coverage of G8 Summit 2006 (russian) (english)


There is a call for a Global Day of Action on July 14th. (cz,de,fi).

A Libertarian Forum wil be held in Moscow from July 8-12, the Russion Social Forum will be held from the 11th to 15th of July in Saint-Petersburg.

For July15 groups call for a "International Day of Direct Action against Climate Change and the G8". (Another Call for July 15th)

Activists call for a Week of Protest in the US during the summit.

A Cycle Caravan to Russia left Berlin on June 2nd. You find updated information on the caravan here:

There is also a page to collect practical information for those who would like to come to Russia in summer 2006. For Practical Information , see the LegalAdvice and LegalSupport Info Pages, check out also the Travel_To_Russia_Guide and the InfoBulletin1, new: Moscow Survival Guide

Is there any reason for optimism? | Anarchist Statement about G8 | Neo-liberal globalization and reform of education in Russia | "International support means a huge amount to us" | Some Questions Of Resistance more ...

There a several Mailinglists for networking against the G8 on grassroots level. There is also a Russian language website:

News and Articles

JUNE 2006
July 1st: Moscow Survival Guide June 27: Reports of Repression against Anti G8 Activists. June 21: Police raids collective farm in Russia. June 16: An Anarchist Statement about G8 Summit June 13: InfoBulletin2 June 5th: Some Links to grassroot activist groups in Russia.
June 2nd: Cycle Caravan starts in Berlin. International Solidarity: Call for one week of protest in Washington

MAY 2006
Some News from Russia

APRIL 2006
There is a new website against the G8 summit online: or

Interview from "Abolishing The Borders From Below" about the G8 in Russia

G8 And Nuclear Power , Travel To Russia Info

A call out to protest against G8 summit of 2006 (Translations into many languages can be found here)

"Some Questions Of Resistance" , Black Alliance against G8 formed , What is the G8?

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