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Call to G8 Global Action Day! July 14

the day before the beginning of the G8 Summit in St. Petersburg

This years meeting of the leaders of the worlds 8 richest countries will be 15-17 July, 2006, in Russia.

The 3 main themes of the Summit are Energy Security, Education, and Aids/Health Care. We want to get on the streets in support of free Health Care for everyone, Education for All, an end to the Atomic Age and and end to war.

This year the Russian “Network Against the G8” also wants to show that wherever they meet, the G8 will face protests against them. For those that can't make it to Russia, activists there appreciate your support by calling for an international Global Action day in the 14th of July in as many cities as possible.

The power of the elites crosses many lines, but our solidarity goes beyond any borders!


if you want to add an action/website
for July 14th, you can do that here

Russia: There is allready a Call of activists of the radical social movement "FrontAIDs"

Germany, Hamburg: ( on July 14th, the day before the summit in St. Petersburg starts, there are going to be actions all over the world. One of these actions is going to take place in Hamburg, Germany. The people there are planning a Reclaim the Streets party to make there issues shown to the public. The motto of the reclaim the streets party is: "against the g8 summit 2006 and for the beautiful life" "reclaim the streets of hamburg - show global solidarity" )

USA Washington, DC: July 9-16, Gr8 Eight Days of Resistance

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