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Some Frequently Asked Questions about This Website

What is this website about?

This page is set up for information about the G8-summit 2006 in Russia.
Please read the Basic Principles of the Network against the G8 2006 (in russian) to understand the principles this website is based on.

Who is running this website

This website is moderated by a collective of people from different countries who are involved in grassroots initiatives against the G8 summit. It was set up in August 2005 after it seemed necessary to have such a website for mobilisation.

This is neither an "official website of any group" nor does it speak in behalf of any initiative or network .

Can I get involved in this website project?

Sure, you can contribute information or news if they do not offend our Website_Guidelines. Read the Help section for details.

Are there other sources of information about G8 in Russia?

There a serveral Mailinglists for networking against the G8 on grassroots level. There is also a Russian language website: See our Links for more ...

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