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St. Petersburg, Russia - Black Alliance against G8 formed

Basic principles of Black Alliance (Petersburg, Russia)

Black Alliance is an initiative created for resistance to the G8 summit in Saint-Petersburg in Summer 2006. BA is a part of Network Against G8 (more info on the network will follow really soon!).

1. The initiative is antiauthoritarian, anticapitalist and aimed against the current global economic system.

2. For the participants of BA any display of nationalism, racism, sexism and homophobia is intolerable.

3. We make decisions by consensus. In case of lack of consensus on some questions groups of BA participants may make their own statements and actions not contradicting these basic principles.

4. During the preparation of protest actions we are not interested in cooperating with organisations aiming at taking power.

(The basic principles were being discussed in Petersburg in September 2005 (by about 30 people) and approved by a common meeting of participants. Black Alliance is a temporary name that might be changed later. People who created BA are members of existing anarchist / antiauthoritarian groups in Petersburg (like Petersburg League of Anarchists, Punk-Revival, Epicenter collective, Rainbow Keepers, squatters et al.) as well as people not belonging to any organisations. Point 4 means political parties and smaller authoritarian groups.)

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