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Calendar of events during the G8 Summit

8-12 of July

Libertarian Forum in Moscow

There will be a libertarian forum in Moscow 8-12 of July as a build up event for protests in St. Petersburg. Main theme of the forum will be energy issues, and plans of G8 for nuclear power renaissance. For G8, "energy security" means guaranteeing access of the leading industrial countries to natural resources, and diversification of exploitation of limited resources - thus nuclear energy is now an important topic for them. Problems such as lack of any long-term solutions with nuclear waste are ignored.

Libertarian forum will consist of discussion, trainings and seminars. We invite anybody to propose themes for discussions, until 25th of May (for sure content of the forum may be amended later on, perhaps even on the spot, but we want to have some preliminary program). We would be especially happy for speakers on topic of energy. Actions, press-conference, concert and movie screenings are also planned. Food Not Bombs has promised to provide food to forum.

more info here

Russian Social Forum in St. Petersburg

It will take place in Kirov stadium close to metro station "Krestovskiy Ostrov". In forum there will be an alternative space.

Will take place from 13th to 15th of July in St. Petersburg (demonstration 15th of July). Currently organizers attempt to have green light from the city administration. Currently there is a discussion going on in SPB8 on topic what would be the relation with Social Forum. Basically principles of SPB8 ban cooperation with authoritarians, and whereas no parties were present in forum of 2005 in Moscow, number of them and even some outright nationalists are expected to be present in Forum of St. Petersburg. However it has been proposed that SPB8 could set up an info point to Social Forum of St. Petersburg to inform participators about alternative events.

more info

14th of July 2006 - Global Day of Action

read the call here

In many cities of the world there will be protests against neo-liberal politics of the G8. Those who may not come to St. Petersburg, may organize solidarity actions in their cities and villages.

15th - 17th of July
Summit of G8 in St. Petersburg

15th of July

International Day of Direct Action against Climate Change and the G8. Rise up against G8 policies, target fossil fuel industries in your community and bioregion!

Read the call

more Info: |

see also: G Ate My Planet (call for action in London)

Common demonstration of left and opposition against politics of the G8 in St. Petersburg. March will end to a square in front of cruiser Aurora.

more info: | | | | | | | | | |

| Contacts:
St. Petersburg group of Network Against G8:
Accommodation for anti-authoritarians in St. Petersburg:,,
Legal group:
Street medics:
Moscow group of Network Against G8 and Libertarian Forum:, +7-906-796-88-29

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