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Anarchist / antiauthoritarian scene / activities in St.Petersburg, Russia

A brief overview (in alphabetical order) compiled by Network Against g8, Petersburg

Critical Mass - some people are organising critical mass bike rides sometimes. Sorry, I have little information on this, but contact me anyway if you are interested. contact:

Epicenter Infoshop - working as a distro (including mailorder) in last couple of years, the infoshop is almost sure to get a new location in a club in the center of the city. At least our library (anarchist / punk / environmental etc. stuff in different languages) should be situated there, and maybe some point of free public access to the internet. contact: / (not updated for some time)

Food Not Bombs - people (mostly) from diy-punk-hardcore community serving free veg(etari)an food to the homeless and poor people. The distribution of food has been taking place weekly since January 2005. Recently a new FNB group appeared, serving food in a new location. contact: / (heavily under construction) /

Free Voice radio - a local radio station where one anarchist is working. At the moment the radio is broadcasting recorded programs only (2 hours a day on medium waves (AM)) and some money is needed to have an opportunity for live broadcasting (donations are welcome) contact: (not sure if they'll answer quickly, try contacting through PLA as well).

Front Aids - local branch of national network fighting for the rights of HIV-positive people. Really committed to struggle against neoliberal policies, drug patents etc. contact:, / (seems to be down at the moment)

Petersburg League Of Anarchists (PLA) - local anarchists active on different issues for many years. Active in local coalitions of different political forces such as Antiwar Committee (weekly pickets against the war in Chechnya / North Caucasus) and Antifascist Association (trying to combat fascism and racism). They publish their own newspaper once in 2-4 months (which is quite often for Rusian @-movement). contact: /

Punk-Revival - local antifascist and anarchist punks and skinheads. Active in combatting neonazis who are realy dangerous in Russia. Also connected to the Antiwar Committee (see above) and squatter scene - 4 anarcho-punk squats existed in Petersburg in last 3 years (Klizma being the most famous of them). contact: /

Rainbow Keepers - radical environmental network, organising yearly protest camps in different parts of Russia (and sometimes in ex-USSR). Not active locally (in Petersburg) but some people will surely partcipate in the summit protests. contact:

Russian Indymedia collective - one member of Ru-IMC editorial collective is based in Petersburg. contact: /

And finally - BLACK ALLIANCE / NETWORK AGAINST G8 Black Alliance is a local group of Network Against G8. People from all the groups mentioned above participate in the network. More information on our website - (under construction) and also -

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