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Libertarian Forum Moscow

8-12 of July

Libertarian Forum in Moscow

There will be a libertarian forum in Moscow 8-12 of July as a build up event for protests in St. Petersburg. Main theme of the forum will be energy issues, and plans of G8 for nuclear power renaissance. For G8, "energy security" means guaranteeing access of the leading industrial countries to natural resources, and diversification of exploitation of limited resources - thus nuclear energy is now an important topic for them. Problems such as lack of any long-term solutions with nuclear waste are ignored.

Libertarian forum will consist of discussion, trainings and seminars. We invite anybody to propose themes for discussions, until 25th of May (for sure content of the forum may be amended later on, perhaps even on the spot, but we want to have some preliminary program). We would be especially happy for speakers on topic of energy. Actions, press-conference, concert and movie screenings are also planned. Food Not Bombs has promised to provide food to forum.

Current topics for discussions and workshops are

1. Oil, energy resources and power: Capitalism and State.

2. Nuclear energy in Eastern Europe. About the plans to build new nuclear reactors, and about media complicity in changing attitudes about nuclear safety. (i.e., recent press stories claiming that Chernobyl was not too bad!)

3. Russian-Polish Energy Politics 4. Anarchists and the energy - various examples of anarchist approaches towards problem of the control over the energy resources and it distribution

5. Energy problem from point of view of Greenpeace Russia

6. Lessons from protest camps of Rainbow Keepers

7. Perspectives of ecological movement in Russia

8. Precarization, globalization and rights of workers

9. Globalization and reform of education in Russia

10. How to get the best out of Indymedia?

11. How to work with mainstream media?

12. Social forums as the sunset of the anti-globalist movement, and alternatives to them

13. Work against homophobia in Eastern Europe

14. Solidarity with anarchist prisoners

15. Reproduction of authoritarian power-relations

in "anti-authoritarian" groups

16. Self-defense

17. FrontAIDS and movement for access to medicine in Russia

18. Animal rights movement in Russia

19. Information technologies and activism

20. History of anarchist movement in Russia

21. Formation of coordinatonary councils on wave of struggle against monetization of social benefits in Russia - lessons and conclusions.

22. What to do if you got arrested in Russia?

Write to moscow_protiv_g8 ATT if you want to propose a workshop, and for any questions on libertarian forum.

source: Info Bulletin #1

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