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Results of preparation meetings

-> results (14.4.): eight people have been there, but the were mostly not involved in the mailinglist. the main question was, if it is possible to organize this caravan in such a short time. we decided to try to find people and projects in poland and the baltic states who will organize a part of the tour. if we reach this till the 23rd of april, we want to make the caravan, if not there maybe will be a smaller, spontanously organized one or maybe nothing.

-> results (19.4.) there was another meeting in berlin on 16th, were we decided one route (more or less), to be able to make a Timeplan and ask local activists for a certain date to host the tour and organize local stuff. Now there were already some positive mail reactions from Vilnius and estonia... we are still looking for translators of this call into Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian...

-results (30.4.) a little bit longer... But most information you can also find on other parts of the wiki page:

Hi all,

yesterday we had a very small preparation meeting at jules place with only three and a half persons: jule, arielle, me and for short time cody...

Thats why we also couldnt make so much, mostly just exchanging information and ideas what and how we could do.

STARTING DATE But we decided to start at 2nd of june like I proposed. Our main reason is the time and distance for this long trip. And we thought that for people who anyway come from other cities, maybe it doesnt make much difference if starting from Berlin, Frankfurt or Poznan.

For people who cant be the 2nd of june in Berlin (or at night in Kesselberg), we propose:

-3rd of june at night in Frankfurt Oder -6th at night and 7th whole day in Poznan at Rozbrat (squat;

BIKE WORKSHOP Here at Kesselberg there is a good bike workshop with a mass of recycled pieces, you can find almost everything for your bike and all for free. There is also some people who know a lot about bikes who offered help for caravanists who want to check their bike befor the tour or repair it. If you dont feel completely sure about your bike's situation, pleas check it before the tour, and one possibility is to come to Kesselberg some days before and you'll get support. Even if you need a whole bike, here exists everything to make one, but than you should come even earlier... Please contact me per email or 03362 - 88 73 03

PREPARATION MEETING One week before the caravan starts, there will be the BUKO congress in Berlin (, and in the frame of it another preparation meeting - the exact date Jule will send to the list next days. This meeting should be especially about logistics (gear, decision making on the tour, finances, "political gear"...)

Susannes and my idea is to use the days of Buko and the following week also for preparing a mobile exposition on g8, global resistance and alternatives and collecting info material. So maybe this would be a whole PREPARATION WEEK (also for other preparations like organizing maps, group gear etc and the bike checking):

EXPOSITION the exposition is just an idea until now. What is exposed is up to you, if you would like to make a part of it, feel free to do so.

-propose topics on the wiki subpage: -write texts or find already existing ones -translate texts, especially into Polish, Russian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian -find fotos and other material: you can send it to support-g8caravan (at) -make layout

The wiki should be to coordinate it a litle bit (topics, texts, translations already made...).

If you cant come to the meeting at Buko, you can send texts, fotos, whole layouted pages (maybe format A3?) until May 24th to support-g8caravan (at)

Also the form is not clear: if big boards or just small papers on a rope - its open to our creativity...

CRITICAL MASS IN BERLIN For the starting day, I woulkd like to organize a small Critical Mass through Berlin, but I would like it if there would be more people preparing it... For example: -announce it in calendars, on mailinglists etc. -make a leaflet? -think about the route and possible stops (for example on the way to Kesselberg there is a Bundeswehr (army) centre and the Berlin deportation prison, both in Köpenick) -...

If somebody is interested, please contact me. If you know other people who could be interested, please forward them this mail or give me the contacts.

GENERAL PROPAGANDA FOR THE TOUR; PRESS RELEASES etc About this we didnt speak until now, but would be also good to make. Especially would be interesting for me if we could publish something in local or national newspapers of the countries we cross.

This was a long mail, but theres really a lot of things to do...



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