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Caravan gear

What gear will you take with you on the bikeride?

Individual gear

this list of the individual gear can help the less experienced bikers. more experienced bikers are asked and invited to share their thougts.

- bicycle: bike_checking

- tent, tarpaulin (zeltplane) or biwack bag

- (only in german, sorry) Schlafsack, Isomatte, Campinkocher, Töpfe, Teller, Tasse, Besteck, Taschenlampe+/Gaslampe, (Fahrradkleidung kurz+lang), Dünne Kleidung, Dicke Kleidung, Regensachen, Notrationen, kleine Gewürzauswahl, Trinkflaschen, Fahrradpumpe

Group gear

Which of my gear could serve others in the group? do you have spare places in your tent?

add the gear you HAVE and you think will also serve OTHERS on the trip. in a way that not everyone has to take with her the whole equipment.


+Hallo zusammen.Ich habe Spezialwerkzeuge wie:Kettenpeitsche,Kasettenöffner,Pedalenkurbelabheber,Speichenschlüssel,Radlager- schlüssel,Kettengliedöffner,Kettenmesslehre&Notpumpe.Hat jemand von euch schon sowas?Oder soll ichs mitbringen? Hat Jemand von euch ein kleines Ladegerät?Für Ni/Mh Akkus AAA&AA size. Ich denke wir brauchen Zelte,weils in Nordosteuropa saumässig viel Mücken gibt. Ein 3er Zelt kann ich mitbringen. Liebe Grüsse Esl.


Estonia, Latvia (1:300 000 road maps) and Poland (1:800 000) i got from library - philipp

Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and an overview of the Baltic Region -rel

Missing gear

Do you need some material you can't get where you are? Maybe s.o. out of the group could help or give a hint.

hi, actually i maybe need a byke for the ride, cause i come from italy but i am actually in uk whitout my, if i come in berlin in july, if anyone can help me...


Information Material

Who takes which info-material with her?


I have on DVD the G8 info tour's collection of protest/g8 shorts and feature length 'The Corporation', 'The Fourth World War', 'The Yes Men', 'Globalization Tapes' and 'The Take'

I also have the book 'Movement of Movements' and 'A Rough Guide to the Baltic States'


Important hints


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