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Caravan People

Add your Name. Let everybody know as much as you want them to know from you, if you take part on the caravan06 and add your comments (dates, places, thougths). Actually we've people seriously interested to join this Caravan from Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Italy, UK, and even from the other side of the big pond...


hella,i really like to come for the ride, and come till st petersburg. i come from italy, but i live actually in newcastle, uk. i can caome directly in berlin in june, or before, to help some one.the only think is that i need a bike for the ride. in italy i have a bike workshop in a social centre, but at the moment we don't have any bike usefull for a ride so far, so if some one can bring one more a little size for me, it would be fantastic. so, if anyone can help me in this side, i can come in berlin as soon as you need some help.

let me know,thanks!



one of the list admins of g8caravan[at] I will not join the ride but I'll keep contacts as far as possible to make it a succsess


i am two persons from switzerland. one sits often on the internet and posts comments and is a bit of a secretary of the second person who will take part on the ride in june/july (while the "internet"-person will be taking care of some cows in the mountains - complicated hum..). i will ride the whole way from berlin to st. petersburgh. my visa is not yet organised (22.4.06). i haven't decided how i will travel back to berlin and bern - any ideas?. i don't feel confortable with the internet because i am not used to office work. i am more "pracical" than "theorical". to start on the 2nd of june would be fine for me. by the way: i am vegetarian and i like to eat "wild salad".

Anna, Jen and Rachel

We are a mix of UK and NZers, two of us live in Brighton, the other is in Turkey at the moment. we will be arriving in Berlin on 2nd or 3rd of June, Rachel will be cycling all the way to st petersburg, the others are still not sure....hope I have done this right!


i will join the caravan from berlin maybe to the baltic states but not till petersburg...


i will unfortunatly not join the caravan (maybe just the first days), but i help to organize the section of bike caravan through the baltic states, so send contact adresses to me!


I live at Kesselberg southeast of berlin which is hopefully the first station, and I want to ride the whole tour. I am learning Polish right now in a crash course... I am trying to get in contact with anarchist, ecological and other groups in Poland. Please contact me if you have some contacts or want to organize something there.--Felipo 00:49, 24 Apr 2006 (CEST)


I´m an anarcho boy from the other side of the world and have just got to Berlin. I would love to take part in the caravan. I´m still unsure whether I´ll go all the way to St Petersburg, but I can let you know in the next week or so. If anybody wants to form an affinity group for the ride or the demo, then mail me at to meet up beforehand and make some plans! Russia is sure to be hardcore and I´ll only want to do it with some people I can trust around me...

why this page?

this page can give us an idea of how many people will ride with us. i know, the mailing list, also gives us an idea, but here it is better to get an overview. i hope it helps more than it could confuse us. cheers --Esl1 23:48, 22 Apr 2006 (CEST)

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