Repression in Russia against libertarian Forum

G8'07 Repression Guide "Winners Guide"

A report about the G8 Protests, the EU summit-attack, left mobilisation and the trials of §129a in hamburg

19.04. Cops entered a political houseproject in Potsdam because of anti-g8 banner

Time gets harder ... and the resistance (hopefully) stronger Text of the antirepression group hamburg in march 2007

Pepperspray, CS, & Other ‘Less-Lethal’ Weapons used by Rioting Police from autonomedical collective (2006, pdf)

The basic text from the Rote Hilfe Germany: Appropriate Behavior in Critical Situations

Group Out of Action

Flyer about legal situation in germany provided by EA (ermittlungsausschuss, activists organisation against repression)

Legal advices for activists from abroad (en)

Repression Info January 2007

for more up to date infos about hamburg, see:

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