[18.04] A report about the G8 Protests, the EU summit-attack, left mobilisation and the trials of 129a in hamburg

Social Centers Towards Heiligendamm

Call for the international meeting in rostock

Our own media about local activities related to G8 can be published here plus press-releases and pictures, videoclips... also mainstream Media, (if articles are of interest)

Texts and indy-media

there are radio-jingles for international mobilization online. they are made quite short and even reporting about ALL mobilizations, for having it distributed widely. at the end it is referring to dissentnetwork.org.

find two different versions here:

http://www.gipfelsoli.org/rcms_repos/Tools/Anti_G8_Jingle.mp3 http://www.gipfelsoli.org/rcms_repos/Tools/Anti_G8_Jingle_Helga.mp3

picture gallery

New wall for G8 leaders prompts protests in Germany

Reuters 15. jan 2007

Germany warns of left-wing terrorism at G8 summit

Die Welt Jan 13, 2007

Protesters Carry Out Series of Attacks Ahead of G8 Summit

(article of magazin spiegel)

28./29.May 2007 - the 27 EU ministers of foreign affairs plan to held their meeting in Hamburg plus 16 ministers from asian countries to the Asem (asian european meeting) as the "hamburger abendblatt" writes at the 10th of November 2006.

for more up to date infos about hamburg, see: www.bewegungsmelder.org

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