14. - 16.January informal EU meeting of the minister of inner affairs and law in Dresden

18.-20.January informal EU meeting for working and social aspects in Berlin

9. - 10.February EU ministers of finance meets in Essen

12. - 13.February in Berlin informal meeting culture and media

01. - 02.March in Heidelberg informal meeting education

01. - 02.March in Wiesbaden informal meeting "defence"

12. - 13.March in Bonn/Petersberg informal ministers meeting cooperation with trikont

30. - 31.March in Bremen informal meeting of ministers of foreign affairs ("Gymnich-Treffen")

19. - 20.April in Aachen informal meeting health

20. - 22.May in Mainz/Rheingau informal meeting of the agriculture-ministers

23. - 25.May in Leipzig informal ministers meeting about city planning and territorial cohesion

01. - 03.June in Essen informal ministers meeting enviroment

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