Puff away the G8 Summit!

NoG8 group Kiel, september/october 2006

From the 6th to the 8th of June 2007 the leading representatives of the seven richest countries and Russia will gather in the german state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for the so called G8-Summit.

Now, for more than a year of preparations for the counter-activities were made: Radical left-wing groups, as well as other left groups, unionists, NGOs and christian people want to articulate their protest or are even heading towards restistance, with the aim to stop the summit from taking place. From our point of view the optimist expectation of a hundred thousand people is not unrealistic. Also for a while now, the authorities are preparing the summit: An army of over 20.000 police officers is expected to come to Rostock and the sourrounding area. Their job will be to control or to shatter the protests. Around Heiligendamm we will face a total suspension of civil rights, like the right to demonstrate or the freedom of movement. A 13 km long and 2,5 metres high fence around the so called red zone, along with airforce reconnaissance planes and naval warships will be there, trying to secure this plan.

G8? Lets get to the point!
The G8 summits stand for a policy of an exploiting, warlikely and polluting globalisation of capitalism. This development goes along with the world wide cut back of social and liberty rights.
But as well as the G8 more like a power-nodal-point just represents this kind of policy, we dont think that the G8 is the root of all evil in this world. Things are much more complex. Capitalism has always included the principle of expansion. When we observe capitalism today spreading into the last corners of the world, ruling and subjecting it, then this is a principle of capitalism in particular, as well as it is a general principle of systems of domination, hierachies and mastership. When in todays global capitalism a handful leaders of the richest countries gather to improve and globalize processes of capitalism this should not really amaze – because thats just what they are supposed to do. It also should not amaze that in the consequences of their job wars are waged, the exploitation of people and enviroment is increasing and rights are cut back. Because just as sure that there`ll be no justice with capitalism, we are also sure that in the opposite a liberated society can only mean the absence of domination, hierachies and mastership...

The actual contents of the G8 summits are more symbolic: They are massive media spectacles. On one hand because many of the decisions that are passed on these summits where made in several negotiations before and after the big summits. On the other hand because their power is not absolute or almighty. Their power moves and stands within those rules, wich are given and prefabricated by the global system of capitalism.

But nevertheless: The G8 are at least accountable of being contributory causers of global pauperization and social crises, for which they can present some putative „solutions“ to the people afterwards. The leaders at the G8 summit become targets for us anarchists already because of their function. They represent the attempt to network and coordinate state authority to find common economic and political principals. But as we know, governments will always use their power against us, which means the power (among others) to use military and police against any progressive struggle heading to liberate itself from these crappy circumstances. Therefore repression threatens especially us anarchists and anti-authoritarians. Because were up for nothing but a world in which we can live in self-determination – and that surely is a world without leaders, states and capitalism.

On the long run to revolution!

Because of the necessity to network and to swap our ideas, so we can in perspective bring capitalism to an end, and simply because without justice there cannot be peace, we call out to come to germoney. Let's make the G8 summit a disaster!
Even anarchist politics cannot get along without symbolism: Big „couterhappenings“ like the summitprotests offer the excellent possibility to strike against the system in a symbolic and also in very concrete way. Mass counter-gatherings offer the opportunity to hammer wedges into the rafts of the glossy and uncontradicted seemded world. A world wich is in reality crossed by deep rafts: For example, rafts in form of classes and borders.
Because we think that a revolutionary situation will neither be generated only in our everyday struggels, nor only in big counterhappenings like the summit-protests, we suppose that the perspective of acting will contain a mixture of both, for those of us who are not willing to let capitalism have the final word in history.

Let's arrange our own spectacle! Fight against capitalism - for a world without mastership!