A letter by one of the prisoners...

A letter by one of the prisoners of the current proceedings under section 129a in Germany. (October 2007)

Dear comrades and friends,

As a 129a-prisoner in the mg-case I want to send to you greetings of solidarity and fighting spirit from the rotten prison in Berlin-Moabit, that is so ready to get wrecked.

After 5 minutes in my 7 square meter "luxury accommodation" I fully became aware of our good old, but abstract slogan "Tear down the walls of all prisons and coercive institutions". The best thing to do!

As you probably have heard, Axel, Flori and me, as well as four others are accused by the the Chief Federal Prosecutor to be members of the militant group (mg).

According to the Chief Federal Prosecutor this group politically claimed responsibility for 25 militant attacks since 2001. Targeted were institutions and vehicles of imperialist war politics, of institutionalized state racism, capitalist exploitation and the preventive security state. Which are "issues relevant to attack" we all know*. However, the analyst staff of Federal Criminal Police and Federal Chief Prosecutor saved a special sweetie for us: They say, that we would have been around doing militant actions also before 2001, or more concrete since 1995 (!), which must have been in the last century. At that time, the official researchers assume, we would have adorned ourselves with changing group names. What an amazing degree of cleverness display by us. Oh, by the way, through this maneuver 25 attacks are turned into 38, which means that they plan to legally clear 12 years of militant politics in and around Berlin upon us.

If they manage to get through with applying section 129a to our case, and they will invest a lot for that, all this might easily add up to a 10 years sentence. Which also means, that a long time of political process in court waits for us. We will all need lots of power, doggedness and perseverance.

We regard this act of repression against us, an attempt to break our revolutionary solidarity doomed to fail, in connection with the latest offensive of the preventive security state. The criminalization before and after the G8 summit is continued with our case.

Solidarity is indivisible! Therefore we also have to widen our horizons. All over Europe the Left of different spectres is put on the hit list.

Examples are the mass arrests of the 12th of February in Italy against alleged members of the Communist Party political-military (PLP-m), the mass criminalization against more than 100 grassroots activists in Bologna, the state terrorism against the comrades of PCE(r)/Grapo and the Basque movement for independence in the spanish state, or the persecution of militant anarchist circles in Greece.

In many parts of Europe state repression is acute for us. International solidarity, even if ideological differences exist sometimes only to a certain point, will help us to step off lethargy and get moving!

Finally I want to thank all the many friends, comrades and people I donĀ“t know personally for their solidarity. Especially our relatives, who are confronted with the situation and the harassments of the Federal Criminal Police, that steals a lot of power from them but also confirms their will to support us.

Many thanks to the Berlin Solidarity Alliance, that managed to organize broad support. Special thanks is certainly given to the anti repression structures, to the Red Help, the network Freedom For All Political Prisoners, to the comrades of anarchist black cross (ABC), to Red Help International of Switzerland and Belgium.

For a fervent and untearable bond between inside and outside. We will keep our minds clear and our hearts on fire, hopefully you do the same. Thanks for all!

Olli, section 129a prisoner in the mg-case, October 2007

*the german authorities created the term "anschlagsrelevante Themen" about 20 years ago to criminalize legal political activities, and to introduce political opinion as aggravating factor into court cases. This brings back direct political jurisdiction officially claimed to be banned from german criminal law after fascism.