Militant actions against nuclear companies

indy germany, 14.08.2007

The last days several militant actions against nuclear companies like e.on, DB and siemens were staged in northern Germany and Berlin.

The biggest action since a long time happened in the night of the 14th of August: On the company areal of e.on in Sarstedt, which belongs to Hildesheim, six vehicles were burned down, causing a damage of about 300.000 Euro. For sure people were not hurt. The police assumes a malicious arson: "The object and the way the deed was done would seem to suggest a politically motivated attack".The fire destroyed four Volkswagen vans, one car and a work vehicle on the fenced area of the company. There is no declaration of responsibility yet.
Before some other actions happened mainly in Berlin: Amongst the cars burned down at the weekend there was a "Porsche" and a "Hummer" jeep, as well as a "Renault Megane" of the Siemens AG and a "Opel Meriva" car of the Bundeswehr. In the night of the 10th of August unknown people took off the air of the the tyres of two cars of the Deutsche Bahn in Friedrichshain.
Besides these actions there were others: So more cars were set on fire in Hamburg the lasts nights and in Schöneberg unknown people cut the tyres of four "Daimler-Chrysler".
It looks like the militant campaign is not over after the G8 and neither is intimidated by the razzias, as especially the arson attack on a Bundeswehr vehicle shows. In the course of this a hot summer can be expected for the nuclear industry.