Warrants against four members suspect of the "militant group (mg)"

Warrants against four members suspect of the "militant group (mg)"
Press release of the Chief Federal Prosecutor, 2nd of August 2007
At the request of the Chief Federal Prosecutor the Judge in charge of investigation at the Federal Court released warrants against four suspected persons yesterday (1st of August) Amongst other reasons they are suspicious of being members of a terrorist alliance.

The accused named below are german citizens all living in Berlin.

Florian L. (35 years old),
Oliver R. (35 years old),
Axel H. (46 years old) und
Andrej H. (36 years old)

According to the current state of investigations the three accused Florian L., Oliver R. and Axel H. are strongly suspicious of having tried to set on fire three trucks of the [german army] Bundeswehr as members of the left-extremist "militante gruppe (mg)" in the early morning hours of the 31st of Juli in Brandenburg/Havel.

They were provisionally arrested after they had placed and ignited several incendiary compositions under three vehicles of the Bundeswehr. The incendiary compositions could be displaced by police officers before the fire did damage the cars.

The attempted arson attack of the 31st of July displays a multitude of parallels to past attacks of the terrorist alliance "militante gruppe (mg)" concerning target of the attack, time of action and concrete realization.

Under the name "militante gruppe" this group claimed responsibility for a multitude of assaults since 2001. It is the professed aim of the alliance to abolish the actual structures of state and society through permanent militant actions in aid of a communist world order. In 2006 alone the "mg" committed eight assaults, among those one against the building of the police headquarters in Berlin-Tempelhof, where persons were present at the material time.

As well the accused Andrej H. is strongly suspicious to be a member of the "mg". This results among other things from the fact of extensive conspirative contacts and meetings especially with the accused Florian L.

For further investigations the BKA is in charge; Informations exceeding this declaration canĀ“t be given at the moment to not jeopardize the aim of investigations.