House Searches in Berlin by Cops

On the 31.7 at least 6 private houses as a left-automous library, the Rotes Antiquariat, had been searched by the cops in Berlin. Seven people are under investigation in relation to the Militante Gruppe (MG), autonomous group active in Berlin since 2001.
The group has on his active around thirty arsons since then, and although few inquiries against autonomous militants from Berlin have been taking place, as in May this year, in order to find "responsible" people for the actions, nothing concretely ever happened until this very moment.
Now four of this people have been arrested,and brought at first to Karlsruhe with helicopters, where the central criminal office is.
At the beginning,seemed as cops determined a information black out around the case,nothing is public yet on any official media,all informations came through the EA berlin at first,the local main antirepression structure.
Apparently the night before the arrests,monday,an attempted arson against some vehicles belonging to the german military took place.
Three people got arrested apparently afterwards, as they were placed since several months under police observation,and one only because he had some contacts with some of them through the last months.
They have been now transferred to Moabit, Berlin´s prison,where a solidarity rally is planned for sartuday 4th of august.
Despites their critical conditions,none of them made any declarations to the repressive autorithies.

During the last days several communiqués from the lawyers, the supporters as from the cops came out,they are going to be translated as soon as possible with a complete overview around the happenings.

there is a soligroup which has been found to support the comrades (in german):

for a society without prisons

freedom for Axel, Florian, Oliver and Andrej!