Collective legal action 07. June - "Wichmannsdorf Wood"

During the 2007 G8 summit in Heiligendamm estimated 200 people who were on their way to the protest actions and demonstrations of the day were arrested in a forrest near the protest camp Wichmannsdorf on the pretext of "participation in a burning barricade". The detentions were carried out mostly without any legal base and outside of the special zone were all actions, demonstrations and gatherings were disallowed. A mailing list is meant to help co-ordinate legal proceedings, organise collective legal action, discuss how to make police harassment and repression public and generally make a political resumee of the events possible.

What needs to be done

  • Those affected by the detentions or witnesses: please subscribe to the list as soon as possible. If you know others who were affected by the mass detentions in the Wichmannsdorf forrest on Thursday, 7th June, inform them about this wiki and the mailing list and ask them to subscribe.
  • The german list of police harrassments, breaches of law etc. needs to be translated to english

What's happened so far

  • Wiki-page started
  • mailing list started
  • contacted the legal team

    Contact / mailing list
    We will coordinate our efforts via a mailing list. Please subscribe to the list if you were affected by or witnessed the detentions. To subscribe, enter your email address in the form at

    and hit the "subscribe" button. You will then receive an automatic confirmation mail that you should answer to be subscribed. If you have problems handling the list, please write to sammelklage-admin [at] .
    You can contact us via the mailing list at sammelklage [at] .

    List of police harassment and breaches of law
    Could someone please translate the german list above


    • the legal team has published a statement about the general conditions in the detention centres: (german)
    • On Indymedia a report has been published, parts of which deal with what happened in the Wichmannsdorf forrest: (german)

    • A short version of this report (german) was read at the Hearing "What happened in Heiligendamm" that was held on the 27th of June 2007, following which a number of press reports about police harassment and violence during the G8 was published (as far as we know, the detentions in the wood were not mentioned).