G8: Two are still in jail

by Rote Hilfe Rostock, 27 of June 2007

Red Help Rostock demands to immidiatelly release the last two remaining summit-prisoners, who are still held in custody in Waldeck jail. They were arrested on the big international demonstration at the 2nd of June during the brutal attacks of the police, in which countless protestants were hurt, some severly injured.
They are accused with breaching of the peace and obstructing the police.
One of the prisoners comes from Rostock. He is kept in jail because it is said that taking part in the demonstration at the 2nd of June was a violation of the conditions of his probation. The other prisoner is living in the Netherlands. N.Y. is working at the Institute for International Culture and Art (VEK-SAV) and board member of the Association of Turkish Workers and Students (TIÖD). In 2002 N.Y. participated in the hungerstrike against isolation prisons and later on fled to the Netherlands. He is an aknowledged political refugee and, traumatized from what he had to experience in turkish prisons, he had to take an early retirement and psychological treatment, which has to be continued.
There is no reason to justify further detention of the activists. Doing this it gets clear that the police wants to continue their course of repression and intimidation that we experienced during the days of protest against the G8 summit. We call all left, progressive forces and organisations to support the prisoners in political and material ways and to do everything in their power to set them free.

rostock {at] rote-hilfe.de