Placement Custody* - not like lambs...

Interior Minister Schäuble impends with massive human right abuses: he wants to prophylactic imprison opponents that participate the Protests againts the G8.

Legal base for this procedure which indicates rather a dictatorship, are the Police Laws of the federal States. According to those, for excample in Mecklenburg-Western-Pomerania, people can be jailed preventative for maximal 10 days (but not longer as the pretended imminent danger occurs) without that they would be suspect for a concrete criminal offence. The mass detention of Participants of Protest actions is therefor a possible szenario of repression.
The imprisonment of hundreds to thousands Protesters displays as well a practical Problem for Police and their headmen. Indeed, they mount capacities around Heiligendamm to imprison more then 1 000 Protesters, but this will only flow smoothly if the police doesn't face resistance.
Firstly one reacts to such assaults rather paralyzed, scared, lethargic or swooning and don't start to defend immediately. But we must not let them bully us! Blatant state arbitrariness deserves civil disobedience, refusal and sabotage !!!

What to do ?
Costs and effort for mass imprisonment can be boost in different ways. We can demonstrate insistently the « democratic constitutional state Germany » to the international Press. Images of a Luxury Hotel fenced in barb wire for the holy 8, combined with with mass arrests and in storage pent-up Protesters, speak for themselves.

Choreography of Mass Detentions:
You can resist at mass detentions. No one has to go optional, some link arms with each others, the police is forced to carry the people away. Who wants to walk to a transport of convicted if there is a carry-service ! For every person to transport can be occupied two police man and it will also cost time.

In the transport one must not sing the blues but revolutionary songs with the fellow prisoners. Shouting and singing makes a lot of fun together. Thereby is has already been tried together to get the transporter swinging: this group dynamic challenge awakes vitality ! From outside this looks rather alarming if the transport shakes and screams and shouts are to hear from the inside. Also, with a good teamwork, it is possible to reach a swinging effect that makes a driving impossible – the departure with the transport is not possible.

Wherever you will be deported and gathered – stay flexible: Sit down, link arms, build chains, open the rooms, take space ( moreover when there are much less cops then you are to take care of you ). There are often opportunities to escape.
This chance can be used what as well makes fun in a big group. One part sidetracks whilst the others escape. Create as much confusion as possible !

!! For prisoners of a placement custody escaping is not punishable !!

Help and support in case of need: 0049 (0) 38204 768111

Legal Team / lawyers
On the way to mass prisons it's furthermore adviceable: no effort to much, no step on your own ! Carrying service is still gratis ! At arrival in the collecting cell the situation provides occasion for a solid inspection: if there are cameras – switch them off ( for example hang a shirt, put a chewing gum ). There are reports about prisoners who have demounted everything possible and threw it out of the windows.

BTW, the facts of the case of a prisoners munity in placement custody does not exist !
There person can demonstrate together in comparison to a « real jail ».
If for example damage of property can't be tracked down to a person, it can't be send a bill. No testimony – that's clear anyway !

If they photograph you, you don't need to participate. Show your best grimace, pull faces, take your shirt over the face. Ask for a group foto with your lawyer. Imagine you can extend this show with your performance to half an hour, that makes for 500 prisoners 250 hours, almost 11 days. If you then also consequently use the carrying service, it will be difficult to them to follow the statutory time until you must see a judge.

! Because who hasn't been sitting on the dock in front of the judge until the end of the next day of their detention, should be released, according to the law !

Also Art don't need to be missed out: water-games in the toilet and sanitary rooms, not stopping flushes and defect water-pipes, changes to walls and doors, what accidently can break is unimaginable....

Somewhen they will put you some cheap grub to eat in the cell, food that you better miss it out. In result there has already been served « cop on egg and ketchup »: yummy !! And dont' forget: also prisoners have rights! Call attention and ask always again for water, better food, vegan food, your medicines, a doctor, a call to your lawyer ( this is your right in any case ).

Don't let hangover catch the mood: rant, shout, pogo, knock against the doors and windows, make music through the walls of the cells with other comrades, sing together, tell police jokes from cell to cell, raise the mood !!! And always know - the others will be there soon!

When the actions will get disposed one after the other and a massive amount of comrades are imprisoned, there can only be one parole: We get you out !!!we come inside – in fact all of us !! Imagine a overfilled mass-prison wich is sieged by thousands of people which want to get in, to get people out ! What will the uniformed ones do ? There is no space inside anymore, the executives would like to see the ones outside rather inside, but the ones inside, they also would like to go inside....Maybe they uniformed ones will form a second siege-circle: around the people in jail, around the other uniformed ones around the jail and around the people and the uniformed outside the jail nice can be inclusion and exclusion !!And all this in front of the eyes of the assembled Press. The best would be even a band playing with the sound of resistance and liberation, which can be heard inside as well....and this will arise images that don't need any more explanation........

Let's make capitalism History !!!

attac (be sure anna, tim, tom, arthur and claudia shut their mouth )
nationwide working group Plan B, C, D

VisdP: Peter.Hasenbein, c/o Haus der Demokratie, Greifswalder Strasse 4, 10405 Berlin

* here some more details to placement custody
Not surprising the fact that there seems to be not a valid translation for this word, probably because it is just to ridiculous.

The placement custody, or police custody indicates the imprisonment of a person for several hours or dates, even if they haven't done a criminal offence. The base of authorization for that is to find in a Police law of the 16 federal states.

When the police custody ends at least at the end of the next day, a judge can – depending on the federal state – order a extension up to 14 days. The custody must at least end after the end of the summit. The difference between this and a detention is that for a detention there needs to be a warrant, for the custody there may be served a warrant after you saw a judge, but mostly you won't.

A « sending-off » of a place presents a legal police method to prevent dangers for the public security and public order. Hence why it serves the danger defense. A sending-off will be told by mouth or written to the affected person. This person will then be asked to leave the place immediately. At contravention the person can be jailed up.

Have fun