Riots at EU/Asia economic meeting

indymedia Scotland 28. May 2007

We declare war on the leaders of the world...

Rioting took place on the chaotic streets of Hamburg as the EU and Asian leaders met. After the official demonstration was over the real action started as the Black Bloc took on the cops. Bottles, paint bombs, bangers and fireworks were hurled at police lines. The bridge we stood on shook as we danced. Many people left the enclosure of the police only to then form a bloc enclosing them from behind. Having flanked them we then had an open reign on the rest of the streets. Riot vans rushed in to collect the cops and rocks and debris were hurled at them breaking windows. One van was raided by the anarchists and riot shields and some police uniforms were taken to use later as disguises. Hundreds of black bloc then reclaimed the streets and started barricading them to slow the response. Armed with mollies, fire extinguishers and rocks gangs roamed the streets, trying to avoid getting cut off and trying to find the rest. People naturally headed towards the Rota Flora G8 convergence center. Cops locked down the whole area around steinshanze with riot cops and water cannons. There is still a general chaos on the streets on Hamburg and more reports will surely come. We have erupted and Heiligendamm dam is our next target.

Those who were able to march against corporate globalization today managed to because people in the black bloc forced themselves through the police lines. Expressing an opinion out loud nowadays means we have to battle with the state apparatus simply for that expression to exist. That message of resistance must thus be embodied in physical action and confrontation otherwise it shall be crushed. We all desire peace so we must fight the warmongers and murderers who perpetuate the greatest violence and those who work for them. We must fight for a liberation where we no longer tolerate injustice, but fight it and all those who defend it. Being weak means they are more likely to oppress us, when we show force we show them what we are capable of and show them their limitations. For those who still denounce violence, get out of your seat of privilege and feel the cries of those who cannot fight and fight for them. Otherwise shut up and get out of the way and come back when you are serious about really changing things.We are taking this world back and there ain't nothing you can do about it.

We declare war
on the leaders of the world...

A war against G8
A war against borders
A war against enclosure
A war against domestication
A war against exploitation
A war against hierarchy
A war against empire
A war against capitalism
A war against the state
A war against war

Get your ass over to Germany. The biggest anti-G8 mobilization yet is going to shut these fuckers down.