street party against the G8 in Malmö

This is a translation of the report on (see video clip) about
the street party against the G8 that was held in Malmö saturday evening:
Three hundred young people took over the centrally located spot Triangeln
and placed a great party right in front of shopping avenues and luxurious
hotels. Hip hop acts with local bands from Rosengård (a part of the city
which has the most poor of which the big share are immigrants) was mixed
with mobilising speeches about the G8-meeting. Participants from Mexico,
Germany, and the USA, who stopped in Malmö on their way to Rostock, used
the microphone to announce why everyone should go to Germany in the
beginning of june to block the meeting.
- We will celebrate that we are many that say no to the destructive
politics that the G8 stand for. With the party as our menas we can spread
the word and become many who will go to Germany in thebeginning of June.
Many of us will block the meeting with our own bodies, it is legitimate to
resist this inhuman system and we have succeeded earlier, says Alex from
the party organising group Malmöbor mot G8 (Malmöresidents against the
- It is now obvious for the whole world that the G8 has lsot all it´s
legitimacy. Vi start something new as we demand a world where peace is the
prevailing and where there is room for everyone. Vi have a vision of a
world that is ecologically sustainable and where the workers can work in
their own interest, not to create profit for a small elite, says Gunilla
from Malmöbor mot G8.
The party started around seven in the evening, with spontaneous soccer and
street art, but it really took another turn when the darkness fell as the
heavy techno beats made everyone dance. On another part of the party films
were shown for the crowd, that told stories about the struggle in
Christiania in Copenhagen, on the other side of the bridge. During the
evening the party got more and more a great mix of möllevången (a central
place for the leftwing people) residents and people from rosengård. The
suburbian conflicts moved into the city centre: banners, speakers, and
rappers took up the police violence in the city. Inspired by france, there
were banners saying “Police everywhere, justice nowhere”
(Poliser överallt, rättvisa ingenstans; police partout, justice null part)
and as well “every state is a police state” could be seen on
banners hanging down from the shopping street. But thepolice was hardly
seen. Despite the huge police mobilisation, they stayed hidden several
blocks away and avoided harassing the people for the whole of the night.
The party was ended at 23 0´clock and the participants made it´s way to
möllevångstorget, where the film group continued to show movies outdoors
until late in the night.
Malmöbor mot G8 can be contacted at malmobormotg8 [at]