During the action days against G8 there will be "Legal Teams" (german: "ErmittlungsAusschuss"/"EA") who can be reached by telefon all around the clock. The Legal Teams are in contact with many lawyers who will go to help the arrested/prisoners. The telefon number will be published the following days at the homepage of the Legal Teams/"ErmittlungsAusschuss".
The telefon number of the legal teams also will be announced during the manifestation, at the convergence centers and at the camps. please write down this number (at paper or your skin of your arms). if you or your comrades get arrested (also if your just in the way travelling to Rostock) call this number and say the names and birthday of the arrested persons. This will give the laywers the opportunity to ask for the people at the police prisons. If somebody gets released he or she should call again immediately the number of the Legal Teams/"Ermittlungsausschuss" to tell them that you our your comrade with that and that name and birthday did get released. This will help the lawyers to reduce needless work.

Legal Teams/"Ermittlungsausschuss":

Many informations about the german laws concerning the protest against g8 and how to act at manifestations you can find at the homepage of the Red Help Association or will be distributed at the different convergence centers in different languages.

The Red Help Association exists in nearly all cities in germany and is a anti repression organisation where people from all different spectras of the leftwing movement from germany work together and which supports people from all different leftwing spectras if they are under repression by the german state.
The Red Help for example helps by financial support of 40% of the bills of lawyers and fines. The money almost comes from the membership-fees from over 4.500 people. But the Red Help Association this year reckons that there will be a need of a lot of more money because of the estimation of perhaps heavy repression and many prisoners of the upcoming anti-G8-protests to support all people. For that there exists a donation acount of the Red Help Association.

Donations within Germany:
Rote Hilfe e.V.
Konto 191 100 462
BLZ 440 100 46 Postbank Dortmund
Stichwort: "G8 Gipfel"

Donations outside of Germany:
Rote Hilfe e.V.
IBAN: DE75 4401 0046 0191 1004 62
Dortmund Purpose: "G-8 Summit"

If you are sending donations from outside of the EU please make group or joint contributions of at least 50 euros. Otherwise only the banks will receive anything as the fees are very high.

Donation Account Informations:

Antirepression-Information and texts "what to do if its burning" and "red help

g8xtra" in different languages:

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