Information about the International Demonstration at 2nd of June in the city Rostock in Germany and about the mobilisation to the Leftradical, Antifascist and Revolutionary Blocs in the center of Rostock.


The razzias in germany against 40 projects and living places of opposers of the G8 by the german police did lead to a enormous mobilisation-effect. Over 10.000 people and all different spectras of the leftwing movement came together in manifestations against the criminalisation of the anti-G8-movement and also in other countries all over europe there are protest-actions at german embassys. The central preperation-commitee of the manifestation at 2nd of june meanwhile recognized more subscribers from different groups and organizations to the central call for the manifestation at 2nd of June.

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At 2nd of June there are TWO different demonstrations staring at different places - these two manifestations with different marching-route will end at the same end-point at the harbour in Rostock for a commen end-manifestation. The two initial manifestations at the different starting-places with speeches and music starts at 12 o'clock, at 01:00 P.M. the manifestations will start.

The Demonstration at "Auftakt 1" (see map: Demoroute) which starts at Schutower Kreuz / Hamburger Strass will lead through industrial area where almost nobody lives.

The second Manifestation at "Auftakt 2" starts directly at the Central Railwaystation at the Place "Platz der Freundschaft". This Demonstration directly leads through the Center of the City and inhabited areas.

The Common End-/Final-Manifestation ("Abschluss-Kundgebung" / see map) with different speeches and concert will be at the harbour from Rostock near the Old Center of the City. Some City-Railwaystations away there will be the Rostock-Camp with place for thousands of people.

The Camp and Program is starting at Friday the 1st of June and the Camp will be organized until the end of the protests against G8. Also the leftradical and internationalist groups will organize there own barrios in this camp with information-, film-, discussion- and culture-events. The Convergence and Media Center in Rostock already opened.

city map Rostock...

Concert at 2nd and 3rd of june in Rostock…

Convergence Center Rostock…


The Blocs of the radical and revolutionary left, the International Antifascist, the Anticapitalist and the Internationalist and Revolutionary Blocs are part of the Demonstration with starting point at the Central Railway Station at the place "Platz der Freundschaft" ("Auftakt 2" - see map of the demonstration routes) in the Center of the Rostock-City. These different leftradical blocs will march together one behind the other. There are international calls for the blocs by the different anti-g8-alliances, like by the Interventionist Left, many Antifa-Groups and anticapitalist Groups, the Anti-G8-Alliance for a revolutionary Perspective, parts from the Dissent-Spectrum, many Antifa-Groups from many european contries, many parts of the antirassist movement, groups of the latinamerica-solidarity movement, autonomous groups from different countries, the antiimperialist anti-g8-alliance, revolutionary anti-g8-alliances from switzerland, organisations and groups from greece, italy, england, spain, basque country, catalunya, france, danmark, sweden and many other countries as well as trotzkyst or internationalist organisations. The Start of the Demonstration will be 01:00 P.M.

At 11 o'clock starts the pre-manifestation with music and speeches, at 12 o'clock will be the initial manifestation with speeches from Ibrahim Coulyband from Via Campesina, Piero Benocchi from the leftwing italian syndicate COBAS, from Tobias Pflüger from the left party from the european parlament and by Nancy Cardoso from Brasil/Porto Alegre.


All over Germany and also from some european countries there are published in the internet many travel opportunities by bus where activists can check in for a small price. And Attac for example organizes Special Anti-G8 Trains to Rostock. When you are coming from other countries you have to be aware that there will be border-controls, like the german Minister of the Interior already announced. Before reaching Rostock and all around Rostock at the streets and autopistes leading in there will be massive police controls. Also the police could say to you when you're coming by autbus that you only could go the the parking place in the industrial area near the first starting point of the manifestation which starts outside the city - even if you want to travel to the second manifestation at the central railwaystation in the inner city ("Auftakt 2"). But also near the Central Railway Station there is a big parking place for autobusses and in the south from the City of Rostock there are more parking-places.

- Anti-Repression information "What to do if its burning" and "Red Help G8Xtra" by the Red Help Association with tipps and information against repression also for our comrades from foreign countries in different languages: Rote Hilfe

Travel Opportunities by bus and train…

Camp, Barrios and Sleeping-Places in Rostock
In Rostock some City-Train-Stations ("S-Bahn") away from the Center of the City will be a Camp with Thousands of sleeping places. There are different tends for Reunuions, meetings, information-events and a n Indymedia-tend with internet connections. How to reach the camp: from the Rostock central railway station you go by City-Train (its a fast train in the city, all city-train-stations are marked with a sign with a green arrow as) in direction to "Warnemünde" (see routes of the trains at the maps at the train-stations). You go by the train to Train-Station "S-Bhf. R-Bramow" or to "S-Bhzf. Marienehe" where you go out. >From "S-Bhf. Marienehe" you go over the rails than you go right, you cross the emty parking place and than you have to go along the streets "Fischerreihafen" and "Schlachthofstrasse" until you see signs which will lead you the way to the camp. From "S-Bhf. R. Bramow" you go along the street "Schwarzer Weg" in direction to the harbour, than you go left to the "Schlachtstrasse" and there you will see signs which will lead you to the Camp. At the Camp there will be different "Barrios" organized by different spectras and movements from the different countries. In these areas at the camp - the "Barrios" - there will be informations events and discussion reunions and film and cultural programms. Drinking and meals (food not bombs) will be organized by the camp organization together will the structures from the different "Barrios". Because there is not so much money its asked to spend a little money for the camp structure if you can afford for sleeping in the camp. sanitary installations as toiletts and shower are prepared.

As known until now there are the following areas/barrios in the Rostock-Camp, more Barrios are planned, so watch out for more informations:

Barrio Junirevolte (Socialist Youth Organization from the PDS):

Barrio Rojo ("Internationalist und Revolutionary Barrio"):

Yellow Barrio (Student activists):

Hedonist International Barrio: