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 Tuesday, 26 June 2007
Solidarity with those arrested in Russia required PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 17 July 2006

For latest info, see http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/actions/2006/g8/

While massive violations of basic freedoms were reported already weeks before the summit of the G8 in St.Petersburg, Russia, today as the summit opened more protesters were arrested in Russia and we urgently need your international support.

As the summit opened, almost all demonstrations in the city were either outlawed, effectively prevented by the police or broken by force. Almost a dozen of activists were sentenced to short prison terms (7-10 days) ahead of summit, dozens more were detained by the police for several hours, interrogated, photographed and fingerprinted, prevented from coming to St.Petersburg, beaten and otherwise harassed by the cops and security services throughout the whole of Russia from Nakhodka in the far east to Kaliningrad on the Baltic sea.

As of July 13 at least 10 people were sentenced in St. Petersburg to 7-10 days of imprisonment on charges of hooliganism or participation in "illegal" street actions. Several criminal cases were opened or re-opened against people from different towns in an attempt to put pressure on them and prevent them from coming to St.Petersburg. Activists throughout the country were and are openly monitored by the police. At least 86 people were detained by the police while going to St.Petersburg by train and prevented from participating in the Russian Social Forum and other events in St.Petersburg, forced to return their tickets and come back to their home towns. Many more were talked to and "persuaded" not to go to St.Petersburg. Dozens were detained for several hours when arriving to the city, their personal belongings or even passports being illegally confiscated by the police. At least 9 illegal break ins and searches of flats were reported. These are just cases that became known to the legal team, which assists anti-G8 activists, and these include violations against different social activists ? from anarchists to communists to trade union, antimilitarist, environmental and human rights activists.

More arrests and detentions happened in St.Petersburg on July 14 and 15. About 30 people are reported to be arrested in St.Petersburg on July 15 alone.

City authorities and the police effectively prevented any serious street protests in St.Petersburg. Communists were allowed to have a small march and rally in the center of the city, but its less moderate youth part was beaten and taken to police station en masse. Some of the activists may be charged with violent behavior against police officers, which may lead to imprisonment.

Participants of the Russian Social Forum, which was held in St.Petersburg on July 13-15, were not allowed to have a march, although they asked the city hall about it weeks before. Police has blocked them at the Kirov stadium, where the forum was held, and prevented from taking to the streets of the city. About 150 activists held a rally behind closed gates, facing lines of riot police, which outnumbered the activists.

Any attempts to make street action in the city are likely to be met with fierce police repression and violence, but the summit is not over and more actions may follow.

Russian social activists are calling upon the world to protest massive violations of basic freedoms in Russia and ask for support to imprisoned activists. Various solidarity actions were and are being held throughout the world as part of the Global action days against the G8, but state repression in Russia should not go unnoticed. Solidarity is critical for people now held behind bars and probably awaiting serious criminal charges.

We are here for you, you are out there for us!

Protest violation of basic freedoms, state repression and of course the G8 at the nearest Russian embassy, consulate or other state offices in your country!

IMC-Russia international page with update information on protests and the situation of the arrested (English and other languages):

Network against G8 (Russian, English and other languages):

IMC-Russia (Russian language):

Some photos from St.Petersburg: Russian Social Forum, street protests, police repression:

See http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/actions/2006/g8/


31 people were arrested in front of the Radisson hotel during an action today and another 10 at an anti-war action later.

Our info is sporadic but we know the nationalities of the 31 and they include people from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, UK, Germany and Poland.

We don't have word that we should use names or not but for internationals who may be worried about friends - a certain abolisher is amongst them and a certain friend from Kiev no borders, friends from Wales and Berlin anti-racists. A few people have been to court already. The court has given V and M 3 days each.

G8 Delegates Blockaded in Hotel in St. Petersburg. Protesters Arrested.

By "G8 2006 Info and Press Group"

This morning (16/07/06), around 30 people connected to the Russian "Network Against G8" blockaded the entrance of a Hotel in St. Petersburg where delegates to this year's G8 summit were staying.

The street was blockaded, banners held and flyers distributed. The message was, "No G8 Anywhere".

Anti-capitalists from Berlin, Cardif, Chishinau, Kiev, Minsk, Moscow, St. Petersberg and Warsaw took part in the action.

Police attacked the demonstrators and everyone was arrested. Some sat down and had to be carried away, others were brutally grabbed and dragged from the street.

A nearby photographer, suspected of being connected to the demonstrators was also arrested.

Those in custody have been refused food, water and access to lawyers.

This afternoon, an anti-G8 demonstration took place in Berlin, ending with a rally in front of the Russian embassy. A demand was issued for the immediate release of all protesters arrested for their alleged involvement in actions against the G8.

At least some of those arrested have been take to Police Station number 28, Marat Street 79, St. Petersberg, Russia. The phone number is 007 812 764 28 02. People have been asked to ring and show support for activists detained.

The following numbers are for embassies in St. Petersburg:

Germany 00 7 812 320 24 00, fax 00 7 812 579 32 42
Britain (St. Petersburg Consulate) 00 7 812 320 32 00, fax: 007 812 320 32 11
Britain (Moscow Embassy)  00 7 495 956 7200, fax: 00 7 495 956 7201
Poland 00 7 812 336 31 40
Ukrain 00 7 812 271 47 00, fax 00 7 812 271 47 77
Netherlands 00 7 812 334 0225, fax: 00 7 812334 0225

People are requested to ring and ask embassies to enquire into the well being of arrested demonstrators.

One of those arrested in Maxym Butkevich, a journalist from Kiev in the Ukrain and a participant in the Network Against G8. He has been threatened with worsened treatment after having requested a lawyer.

For further information, see:
Or call the Legal Team on: 00 7 911 762 92 38 or 00 7 911 762 92 47
Or visit their live journal (in Russian only) at: http://g8_legalteam.livejournal.com/

Further information will also be posted to http://presse.gipfelsoli.org

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 26 July 2006 )
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