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 Tuesday, 26 June 2007
Action Information
blank.png Below is a summary of the calls for action and protest events happening around the G8 Summit in Scotland. The full calls for action are linked at the bottom of this page.

12 - 17 June and more

  • CRE8 SUMMIT: Inspired by the Fix Shit Up and Community Anarchy actions at previous G8 summits Cre8 Summit is for individuals wanting to protest 'for' something rather than 'against' the G8. We will be working with local communities in Glasgow on the ongoing protests against the building of the M74 in Glasgow. There will be workshops with community members and an open day on Sunday 12th June and a week of work 13 -17th June. Come along and get involved. For more info e-mail cre8summit-subscribe@lists.riseup.net and check out www.jam74.org

19 June onwards

  • BIKE CARAVAN: Travelling from London to the summit to campaign for human rights and global justice. Join this exciting tour, meeting new people from around the world, creating awareness & having a great time! The tour begins in London on Sunday 19th June and can be joined at various points along the route. For more info check out www.g8bikeride.org.uk

2 July

3 July

  • MAKE BORDERS HISTORY: A Magical Mystery Tour of Immigration Controls and the "Chain of Deportation" in Glasgow Sunday 3rd July. We visit some of the magicians who help asylum seekers "disappear". We will visit organisations involved in locking up and deporting Asylum seekers. Let's join the dots in the picture of detention and deportation. Check out www.makebordershistory.org
  • WORKSHOPS PROGRAMME:   A series of workshops and meetings have been organised to be held at the Edinburgh Convergence Space, the Teviot Building.  These start on the 3rd and continue throughout the week.  To see the full programme please click here!

4 July

  • FASLANE BIG BLOCKADE: You can't end poverty unless you end war.** Let's make the links** Faslane, which is situated 30 miles west of Glasgow, is one of Britain's most important military bases - home to Trident, Britain's own nuclear WMD Programme. Thousands of peace campaigners from around the world are called to non-violently blockade the base on Monday 4th July. 

  • CARNIVAL FOR FULL ENJOYMENT: *No wage slavery *No benefits slavery *No army slavery *No debt slavery. A call to bring noise, music, yourselves and friends for action that comes out of our experiences in work, out of work and wherever we live. A carnivalesque parade through Edinburgh, visiting places responsible for the increasingly precarious way in which we experience work and life. Meet at 12:30pm at the west end of Princes Street, Edinburgh on the 4th July.  For more info check out www.nodeal.org.uk

5th July

  • BEACONS OF DISSENT!: Beacons are to be lit on the hills south of the Gleaneagles Hotel on the night of Tuesday 5th July to send a clear message that the G8 "leaders" are not welcome. Beacons to be lit in solidarity around the UK.

  • HILLWALKERS: If the G8 leaders manage to meet in Gleneagles hotel some people will be looking at them from the Ochil hills, and laughing at them, with a big day-glow banner or two. Please join for friendly encounters on the hills. A number of walks will take place in the run up to the G8 Summit. Hillwalkers will also be walking, by various routes, to the points where beacons are lit. For those that wish to gather before for going into the hills gather at the Gathering Stone, Stirling at Noon. See http://silver.j12.org/call.htm

  • CLOSE DUNGAVEL: As the leaders of the world's most powerful states meet in luxury at Gleneagles, hundreds of people - including families with children - are imprisoned behind the razor wire of Scotland's shame: Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre No borders demonstration to be held at Dungavel on the Tuesday 5 July.

6 July

  • GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION 6th JULY: A day of decentralised action, in villages, towns and cities worldwide has been called for by the Peoples' Global Action European Conference and the 'Caracol Intergalaktika', an autonomous space within the International Youth Camp at the World Social Forum.

  • BLOCKADES: 'The Blockades Group', has put call out to all autonomous direct action groups and individuals opposed to the G8 to carry out autonomous actions starting on the 6th July to blockade the summit. For more info see: www.g8blockades.org.uk
7 July

  • PEOPLES' OPEN GOLF TOURNAMENT: The People's Golfing Association (the PGA) is hosting an open golf tournament on Thursday 7th July during the G8 at Gleneagles. People are encouraged to begin forming autonomous golfing affinity groups. No caddies, no Masters! For more info email wrench (at) tao.ca and pgag8 (at) lists.riseup.net

8 July
  • INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ACTION AGAINST THE REAL CAUSES OF CLIMATE CHANGE: Come to Scotland with your inspired ideas for action and join us on the streets and on the golf courses. Or do whatever you can, wherever you are, to resist the fossil fuel madness and make the dream of a socially just, sustainable future a reality. Stop climate chaos - flood the G8! Friday 8th July. Check out http://cca.movingpages.org/

Dates not specified

  •  CLANDESTINE INSURGENT REBEL CLOWN ARMY: Operation H.A.H.A.H.A.A (Helping Authorities House Arrest Half-witted Authoritarian Androids). This summer CIRCA will be working alongside the Scottish police to help them indefinately enclose the world's dangerous G8 leaders, keeping them in a safe place where they can no longer be a threat to the world. For recruitment and training info www.clownarmy.org

Please see image gallery for maps.

Or check out this link for another timetable of events.

New calls to action and updated action information may be in the action information news section - please check this. For information on how to form action affinity groups get in touch with your local Dissent! group or check out the information in the training section (under support groups).  Action Groups/Events with their own web sites are linked in the main menu.
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Tens of thousands are expected to take part in demonstrations against the 2005 G8 Summit. Providing food, accommodation and support for the convergence is likely to cost thousands. Please donate generously.  Click here to donate via paypal or visit our donations page for other payment methods or to help fundraise
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