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 Tuesday, 26 June 2007
October Dissent Gathering PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 16 September 2005
The Dissent network saw thousand of activists come together in July to create a mobilisation of opposition to the G8 and also the space in which our idea's for future organisation were realised. Since the G8 there have been many discussions that have focused on the future of our network, our politics, and priorities. At the last gathering the overwhelming consensus was to maintain the Dissent network and this gathering will present the opportunity to solidify our plans and visions for the future.

In order to facilitate this process, The Matilda Collective would like to invite all autonomous groups and individuals interested in discussing the future of Dissent to attend the next gathering in Sheffield on the Weekend of October 15th/16th

The gathering will take place at Matilda Social Centre which was initially opened up as a the host for activists in Sheffield organising opposition to the G8 Justice Ministers Meeting in June 2005. Since then, the building is being used as a social space for the creative and practical ideas of those wanting to create alternatives.


Anticipated agenda items include:
  • Proposal for an action camp in the summer of 2006 targeting the real sources of climate chaos
  • The future of the Dissent Network! What are our priorities? How do we sustain momentum?
  • How can we be most effective against the G8 in 2006/2007? (This includes discussion on the effectiveness of mass mobilisations).
If people would like to add points to be discussed people should email dissentprocess(at)lists.aktivix.org with proposals and topics.


There will be floor space for people to sleep so please bring a sleeping bag/camping mat/ blow up mattress. There are spaces available at people's houses, but these will go priority for people with children and other needs. If you need alternative arrangements, please contact us at dissentgathering(at)riseup.net


Food will be provided by the Matilda Café and will be charged at £3.50 per day. All food will be vegan, but if you have any other special food requirements please email: matilda_cafe(at)riseup.net


If you are coming to the gathering please let us know by emailing dissentgathering(at)riseup.net

Coming and Going:

All major coach and train services come to Sheffield. Matilda is 5 minutes walk from both Coach and Train station: The address is 111 Matilda Street.

Matilda is 5 minutes walk from the trainstation and is located on Matilda
Street. It is the same street as 'Republic.' If you get lost ask someone
to show you how to get to the nightclub 'Republic' and you will eventually
see the big building with the banners on.

If you are coming by train you will arrive on 'Sheaf Street' and if you
arrive by coach you will arrive on Pond Street.

You may need to move the map around to get a better idea:


if you want to ask any questions before you arrive, feel free to email. If
you need help when you arrive please call [Joe]: 07737 804 803

For coaches: National Express - Tel 0870 580 8080; website www.nationalexpress.co.uk

For trains visit: www.nationalrail.co.uk
Last Updated ( Saturday, 22 October 2005 )
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