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 Tuesday, 26 June 2007
  Web Link
     Faslane 365 blockade
Year long Blockade of Faslane Nuclear Sub Navel Base
     Ya Basta (Scotland)
Art against the G8
     2012 show
2012 show is a music based event series which hopes to assist the mobilisation - up to but beyond the G8, by creating a space where people can see and hear things differently, where individuals can get in touch with groups...
     Brighton Dissent!
Brighton Dissent! website
     Letter to G8 and more material
Letter to G8 A literary-format letter asking them to go home 16th March, 2005 From Sheffield by collective
     Aberdeen Anarchist Resistance
We seek to promote a sense of community, of confidence in ones own abilities, to enable all to be involved in the identification, initiation, and management of group/communal needs and decisions.
     Blatant Incitement Project (BLINC)
Empowering people to organise themselves without leaders, for radical action, through sharing skills, knowledge and inspiration. Radical skillsharing directory & resources for direct action.
     Riot Folk Records
A group of radical folk singers from Riot Folk Records (Evan Greer, Mark Gunnery, Ryan Harvey) and Christa Daring will be touring through Scotland from July 2nd to July 10th hoping to play benefit shows and other events during and around the G8.
     Blue Green Earth
Started by An Talamh Glas: an eco-anarchist collective in Ireland in late 1970's is now doing eco-social change in England and Wales as well.
     Dragon Network
earth-based spiritual magic actions
     Sheffield Social Forum
What does the SSF do? Network events: Providing welcoming space for anyone who believes in people not profit. .. SSF campaigns: The SSF is a supportive place for local campaign work, such as recent activity on welfare, local democracy in Burngreave o
     South East Anti-G8 mobilisation
Groups in London and South East coming together to organise to resist in run up to and beyond the G8 Summit
     Edinburgh Anarchist Studies Group
The group provides a forum for people who are engaged in research or have an active interest in social and political theory-practice to discuss their work and/or ideas in relation to anarchism.
     The Free The World Collective
The Collective has produced an album as an answer to the horrible remake of the BandAid20 song and as a fundraiser for the Dissent! Network. Check out the site, download the songs and sing along!
     Intercourse: talking sex
Intercourse is a non-hierarchical, participatory, non-profit network. We are devoted to encouraging people to develop comfortable and positive ways of thinking and talking about sex, sexuality and relationships. Intercourse also aims to explore how i
     G8 Bike ride
a bike ride to the July 2005 G8 summit in Scotland
There will be a cycle caravan from Europe to Scotland for the G8 2005, going via london and other places of interest. Join us on this exciting tour, meeting new people from around the world & having a great time! Get in touch info@g8cyclecaravan.org
     G8 Feminist Response
We are an autonomous network of feminist individuals and groups who have come together to help co- ordinate a response to the summit. We believe that as feminists, as women, and as human beings, we have a responsibility to resist the capitalist "free
     group from Paris
A group from Paris against G8
     Jubilee Debt Campaign
Christian 'third world' debt relief campaign
     Liverpool Social Forum
The LSF is a newly-formed non-hierarchical space for discussion, organising and action based in the Liverpool/Merseyside area.
     Manchester Earth First!
Resources, links and campaigns in and around Manchester. Part of the global EF! thing Ecological direct action & radical resistance since 1991
     McDonalds Workers Resistance
In 1998 some workers at a McDonalds in Glasgow, Scotland, tried to start a union, they ended up with McDonalds Workers Resistance, once described as "a dynamic rebellion, changing workplace politics forever"...
Anti-G8 Group
     Smash G8 (fr)
We are a group of french people. We organize a departure on Paris and arrival for the G8. Nous somme un groupe parisien. Nous cherchons a fédérer une joyeuse troupe fermement décider ŕ aller profiter du climat écos.
     Training for Action
Training for action, in the run up to the G8. Helping you to train others in direct action and much more, Train the Trainer-stylee
     The Peoples Golfing Association
In anticipation that the 2005 G8 Summit will be held at the posh Gleneagles golf resort, we are pleased to announce the formation of the PGA - The Peoples' Golfing Association (not to be confused with the Professional Golfer's Association, or Peoples
     Trident Ploughshares
Anti-nuclear group which uses direct action.
Recent Info
Events Calendar
June 2007
Tens of thousands are expected to take part in demonstrations against the 2005 G8 Summit. Providing food, accommodation and support for the convergence is likely to cost thousands. Please donate generously.  Click here to donate via paypal or visit our donations page for other payment methods or to help fundraise
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