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 Tuesday, 26 June 2007
Alternative Media
  Web Link
     Russian Indymedia (Non Russian lang version)
The international page is starting for the G8 in St. Petersburg and has an international editorial team. After the G8 it will be used for non-russian-language reporting about Russia and Ukraine.
     Peace and Conflict Monitor
The Peace and Conflict Monitor is an on-line magazine based at the University for Peace in Costa Rica. It carries articles ranging from short comment to in-depth analysis on all matters related to peace and violent conflict.
A-Infos is an international, multi-lingual, web based, anarchist news service.
Aufheben is an annual journal produced since 1992 by a group of people who had been involved in the movement against the 1991 Gulf War and wanted to develop their theoretical understanding of capital and class struggle, to be able to participate
     Counter Information
Counter Information is produced by an independent collective, based in central Scotland, including Glasgow. Our aim is to assist in the struggle against all injustice, oppression and exploitation.
     AK Press
This site now carries the details of over 3500 different books, magazines, pamphlets, journals, t-shirts and badges.
     Topple Bush
I wonder if there's a topple Blair site?
History is not something that happens to people?it is the activity of people. In every moment, in every decision and gesture, we make our culture, our life stories, our world, whether we take responsibility for this ourselves or ascribe this power.
     Do or Die
Do or Die: Voices from the Ecological Resistance is an occasional journal crammed with reports and analysis from the world-wide ecological frontlines. These are not voices of outsiders, jouranlists or academics, but of those involved in the struggle.
     Direct Action
DA carries a wide range of original and thought provoking material covering the A-Z of practical ideas in action in a mix of bits, shorts and not-so-shorts. DA appears quarterly and is available in radical bookshops,or from local groups.
The Independent Media Center is a network of collectively run media outlets for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of the truth. We work out of a love and inspiration for people who continue to work for a better world.
enrager.net is a growing resource of information. It aims to provide tools to facilitate communication and networking around Britain's libertarian and anti-capitalist movement.
     Green Pepper
An Amsterdam-based environmental and social justice magazine focusing on direct and autonomous action.
     Indymedia Scotland
IMC-SCOTLAND is an non-corporate, anti-authoritarian network of independent media makers, media activists, and media outlets. Indymedia was founded in direct action reporting and the Global Days of Action, and it in this path we walk in.
     Indymedia UK
The Indymedia UK website provides an interactive platform for reports from the struggles for a world based on freedom, cooperation, justice and solidarity, and against environmental degradation, neoliberal exploitation, racism and patriarchy.
     Media Lens
s our response to the unwillingness, or inability, of the mainstream media to tell the truth about the real causes and extent of many of the problems facing us, such as human rights abuses, poverty, pollution and climate change.
Anarchy and anarchism on the web? Infoshop.org has lots of information of interest to anarchists, anti-authoritarians, and other activists. Put some anarchy into your life today and learn why anarchists are trying to create a more anarchist society.
McSues, the piss take magazine from Glasgow MWR. Described as the hardest hitting workers' paper in the world. The online version is text only, paper versions have pictures, cartoons, crosswords, fun for all the family.
radio for whom?......The airwaves nominally belong to the people, but the reality is most of the media outlets worldwide are owned by a steadily smaller number of large corporations who use them to expand their wealth and power.
SchNEWS is a news sheet which has been produced weekly in Brighton for almost 10 years, bringing news from the frontlines of the global resistance.
The Spirit of Resistance Lives. Go To: ZNET...a huge website updated daily to convey information and provide community. Go To: Z MAGAZINE...an independent monthly on political, cultural, social, and economic life in the U.S. available in print.
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June 2007
Tens of thousands are expected to take part in demonstrations against the 2005 G8 Summit. Providing food, accommodation and support for the convergence is likely to cost thousands. Please donate generously.  Click here to donate via paypal or visit our donations page for other payment methods or to help fundraise
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