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 Tuesday, 26 June 2007
G8 Climate Action Proposal - Draft PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 15 November 2004

Draft Call to Action 

This post is a draft- for further discussion at the next gathering.  

Tony Blair set the agenda for the G8 summit July 2005 in which he claims leaders will "tackle climate change". We reject any market led techno- fixes by an unelected global elite to this current climate of crisis. We believe that oil fuels capitalism and that there can not be an end to global warming without an end to the system that causes it. The claim to tackle climate change whilst fighting wars for control of the dwindling carbon based energy reserves of this planet is as hypocritical as it is ridiculous. Nuclear power is not an alternative as it too depends on a finite natural resource and the process is massively oil intensive- not to mention the craziness of such technology's waste and nuclear arms issues. Nuclear energy is a by product of nuclear arms- not the other way around. Just as the oil industry exploits people and the planet for financial greed, so could alternative power if controlled by companies and not small scale projects owned by communities, (for example large scale wind energy farms and hydro-dams that destroy estuaries and river habits.) We must recognise that our current ways of life are completely unsustainable and reliant on the burning of fossil fuels and exploitation of the planet. The natural world can provide us with the resouces we need to sustain our comminuties. What is needed is a radical rethink of our societies to drastically cut our energy consumption.


The dodgy connections between state policy and maintaining control over access to natural and energy resources are clear, throughout history and in their plans for our future. We have a unique opportunity and a global responsibility to act. Not only for our own sakes but for the millions of repressed people, ecosystems and future generations around the planet who can not. We believe that anti-capitalist/state activists, environmentalists, anti war groups and all those committed to a sustainable, socially just world, can work together over the linked issues of oil, war, climate change and use the moment of the G8 summit in the UK to expose the hypocrisy of the government's green rhetoric. We can demand a stop to their plans for new roads, wars over oil, airport expansions and support of the oil, gas and nuclear industries with loans and grants that perpetuate north -south north -east exploitation and neo colonialism.

We are building a network of groups and individuals around the country and hopefully worldwide who can share their inspiration and ideas for concrete plans for action around energy, climate change and oil. Existing ideas for action include a critical mass to Scotland, a mass "call in sick" day for those working in the oil industry and calling for synchronised mass and decentralised actions on energy profiteers in Scotland and around the globe. We see the G8 2005 mobilisation as an opportunity to move beyond symbolic protests against a symbolic summit. We want to take action in the only way that really makes politicians and corporations listen -economically. And we need to take action on this issue before it is too late.


Last Updated ( Monday, 15 November 2004 )
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