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 Tuesday, 26 June 2007
Call to look down on Gleneagles from the Ochil Hills PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 February 2005

If the G8 leaders manage to meet in Gleneagles hotel some people will be looking at them from above on the Ochil hills, and laughing at them, with a big day-glow banner or two. Please do join comrades there for friendly encounters on the hills. Let the hills be a weapon free zone.

There will be several group walks in the Ochil Hills in run up to the G8 Summit at Gleneagles if only because there are several routes to explore. But also so various groups of people can get together on with walks promoted to different extents, and in different ways. The walks will be great way for people to interact in run up to G8, already several good comrades who don't go to meetings will be coming for walks in the Ochil hills.

It has been said it is possible to go from Dollar to Glen Devon in 2.5 hours (but allow up to six hours first time). Also when going to Gleneagles over hills one reachs the A9 before Gleneagles.
Routes include Tillicoultry to Blackford (which is on edge of Golf Course) as well as Dollar to Gleneagles or Auchterarder.

The Silver group has an interest in Dollar, there are silver mines in valley we will use to go up into hills. But other groups can will meet elsewhere, especially after checking out various routes in practise.

When it started to get more daylight after spring equinox I will be encouraging more people to come up from afar to come with us walking in the Ochils, and there will be walking arranged and promoted every weekend from then till G8 Summit.

By time of G8 comrades will have well broken in walking boots, waterproofs, flask and other gear of use on them hills.

It is recommend to get a copy of 'SuperWalker' Map of the Ochil hills (1-85137-308-X) from Harvey aps as much more inspiring map than using the Ordnance Survey maps setting whole set of hills much clearer on with Gleneagles at top, and all the Stirling Uni campus and the hillfoots at bottom.

Also we hope to test out and learn various communications methods on the hills, from using simple whistles, and calls, to use of semaphore with flags (bring binoculars), or for few hours of darkness Morse code with with flash lights, as well as CB radio. We sure ensure our communications are good as this can be key to outcome of the day.

The state builds monuments for propaganda purposes - to commemorate their imperialist wars or to feign sympathy for those who died in them, to make their authority appear immutable by parading their past leaders or simply to impose their strength upon the people.

Inspired by the multiple uses of a strip of turf at Mayday 2000 that gave a focus to monuments, we plan to the construct enduring peoples monuments.

One project is to ask those coming around the G8 Summit to bring a pebbles from their area to make new cairns with a few talisman chucked in as well, to celebrate our victory, and foretell the burial of those that govern us.

For those interested in majickal aspect of this and other projects around the G8 then may want to join up with the Pagan Magik Association which grew out of encounters around the ESF in London and others majic clusters evolving more within Scotland.

The People's Golfers are up for going via hills too, though they are saving themselves for the second day of G8 summit as re-enforcements. Do keep a look out for second hand golf clubs at car boot sales they often come up as new players often buy wrong size and have to replace, as well as usually reason for resale.

The practise walking will be one of forums to allow a wide interaction in response to G8 outside confines of the meetings, organisational agenda and process, with both pluses and minuses that entails.

Sometimes transport will be arranged but also many walks start and end points can be accessed via public transport.

small pamphlets of use:
Walks: South Perthsire (Hallewell Publications, 1999, 1-872405-13-4)

Ochil Hills - landscape, wildlife, heritage - an introduction with
(from: Lindsay Corbett, Forth Naturalist and Historian, University of Stirling, FK9 4LA)
Last Updated ( Monday, 07 March 2005 )
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