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Right now, we have two camps: one at “Reddelich” (for 3000-5000 persons) close to Bad Doberan to the West of Rostock.

To get there:

By public transport: use regional train station Reddelich from Rostock main station in the direction of Wismar/local bus also stops there, from there take your left on B-105 to the small industrial centre that you can see about 400 metres away on the opposite side of the street, walk in there and you will find signs and other help there.

By car: from highway A20, exit at Satow in the direction of Kröpelin and Kühlingsborn and take your right at Kröpelin (direction Bad Doberan). Do not use the exit at Bad Doberan, because the city is often congested even when there is no summit (especially the crossroads B105/Molli (small historic tourist train to Heiligendamm)/ highway exit).

And one in Rostock City: “Fish Harbour” (6.000 persons)

To get there:

By public transport: use the S Train (fast local train, all stations are marked with a green S)- R. Bramow or S- Marienehe also at Rostock main station in the direction of Warnemünde). From S-Station Marienehe, cross the tracks, then keep right, cross the empty parking lot and walk down “Fischereihafen” and “Schlachthofstr.” until you see camp signs to your left. From S-Station Bramow, walk out on “Schwarzer Weg” in the direction of the harbour, then turn left on “Schlachthofstr.” until you see camp signs to your right.

By car: Switch from the A20 to the A19, or stay on it. Coming from the direction of Berlin, take the exit Rostock South to the left into the B 110, Tessin Street; at the railway bridge (traffic lights), take your right into the Connecting Way (Verbindungsweg) until it ends (traffic lights); there take your left across Vorpommernbrücke, along the harbour past the socialist monument (two men looking to the horizon). After about 400 metres, at Werftplatz (Dock Square), take your right into Werftstraße (ruins of parts of the docks), then drive straight ahead into Carl-Hopp-Str. and then into Schlachthofstr.. Where the street takes a slight curve, you will see the camp site to your right.

Both camps will have at least two information tents (“camp details” and “details on activities”), a medical help centre, a small media tent (Indymedia), soup kitchens, toilets (pre-fabricated as well as ecological), self-built showers etc. When based at the Rostock camp, you may participate in the activities of the counter-summit:

To offer a workshop yourself, write to:

To offer a workshop at the Reddelich camp or get information on the cultural programme there, write to:

For spaces on one of the two camps (sorry, website mainly in German) please register online at: or or write to office(at)

Please indicate if you are coming with a larger group and which camp you want to stay in as well as other details that might help us to assist you.

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