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As most of you don’t have the opportunity to buy close-up maps of the region beforehand, you might print yourself these ones until you have the opportunity to buy a good one in Germany. The best and more useful would be a bike map, a real close-up of the region that you will need for your outcamp action trainings and to play the cat and mouse game. It’s extremely important if you want to have a chance to win the game, that you know the region.

Talking is over:

North Of Mecklenburg:

Bad Doberan and surroundings:

Wismar - Bad Doberan - Rostock - Road Map:

Kuehlungsborn - Bad Doberan - Rostock - Road Map:

Police Headquarters:

Fence inner and outer circle:

Police Map:

Again inner and outer circle:


Delegates, refugee camps…:

More Maps:

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