Lifts from the UK

This is the address for international lifts from the UK:

Choose from where you want to go then click on the entry in the column “Angebote”. It should say something like “2 Einträge” which means “2 lift offers”.
Here is the list for London for example.

“Ankunftsort” means place of arrival. From which you would have to find yet another lift to “Rostock/Hamburg” through the same webpage:

It has lots of international lifts. Its not an “alternative” project, but you don’t have to pay to get offers etc. Normally drivers expect you to share the fuel costs, which is approximately £60-£80 in total (depends on the car) for a trip, so you might pay £30-£40 if its just you and the driver.

“Von” = from
“Nach” = to

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