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G8 Communications

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

A summary of the outcome of discussions regarding communications at G8 can be found here.

This document is only a precis of the points touched upon - other related issues have also been considered.

It is expected that the UK people working on Comms will be setting up their own email address. Meanwhile if you’d like to get in touch with them to participate or contribute ideas send your message to Site Admin who will forward it on.

Internationals Against G8

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

After the first meeting during the Global Meeting in Venice (that took place at the end of March 2007), people from various Social Centers (Italy) and people from the Antiauthoritarian Movement (Greece) called the International Meeting during the 3rd G8-Action-Conference in Rostock, Germany.


We met today on the 14th of Ápril, we are people of different territories and countries of Europe. We participate in the third Action Conference against the G8 Summit in Rostock. Several of us took part in the Global Meeting organized on the 31th of Ìarch in Venice, where we began to coordinate on an European level. Facing our committements to participate in the protest and actions against the G8 summit, we want to share some agreements about borders control and freedom of movement.

We state that:

1) All human beings must have a freedom of movement in a Europe and in a world without borders.

2) We refuse any control, repression and ban used by European polices to stop peoples moving toward the protest against the G8, and we reject any classification and discrimination between protesters.

3) We will express solidarity to people facing problems at the borders and we will coordinate efforts to guarantee the right of movement through the first week of June.

4) A political Europe already exists and it’s based on border control and capitalistic economy, instead we are building another Europe of equality, justice and equal rights for all.

5) We call for actions of solidarity on embassies, consulates, Goethe-Institutes, German enterprises all over Europe and the world. In this context we will respect every form of action and protest.

This text has been discussed and supported by participants from Greece, Italy, Poland, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, France, U.K., Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic, Netherlands, U.S.A. and Canada.

We will be everywhere!

Rostock, April 14th 2007

International Meeting against G8-Summit


Useful German phrases

Saturday, April 21st, 2007

Grabbed from a post to the resistg82005 list

I don’t speak German
Ich spreche kein Deutsch

Do you speak English?
Sprechen Sie Englisch? (Formal)
Sprichst du Englisch? (Informal, use for activists/cool people/to show cops they’re also just people)

Fuck Off!
Verpiss dich!

No comment
Kein Kommentar - May in worst case scenario not be accepted as a use of your right to remain silent, the full phrase would be…

Ich verweigere die Aussage which means “I refuse to make a statement”

I am an anarchist
Ich bin ein Anarchist (Male) / Ich bin eine Anarchistin (Female)
Ich bin ein Anarch@ (No gender, but not really pronounceable)

I need an English speaking lawyer
Ich verlange (demand) einen englischsprachigen Anwalt / eine Anwältin (Female)

I need medical attention
Ich brauche einen Arzt / eine Ärztin (Female)

I need water
Ich brauche Wasser

I need a toilet
Ich muss auf die Toilette

I need food
Ich habe hunger (I am hungry)

Tear gas!

Water cannon!

Riot police!
Riot Cops! (Common term in the German left)


Where are you taking me?
Wohin werde ich gebracht? (Where am I being brought)

I am vegan
Ich bin Veganer /Veganerin (Female)

Do you have soya milk?
Haben Sie sojamilch?

I am lost
Ich habe mich verlaufen (I have “miswalked”)

Help please!
Ich brauche hilfe bitte! (I need help please)

Logging in

Friday, April 6th, 2007

Apparently there’s been one of two glitches with folk logging in after registering. Seems they don’t appear to have received login details after registering.
So here’s what to do…

  • Register, and ensure you enter your email address correctly
  • If you don’t appear to have received an email with your login details (username & password), check to make sure any spam filters you may have set up aren’t filtering out the email
  • If you still have problems contact mail(at) from the same email address you used to register and you’ll be sent new login details

Apologies for the screw-up, but hey, that’s what computers do.

Useful Maps and info

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

Google Maps - Heiligendamm und Rostock

Local Map Heiligendamm

Also this link to the ever popular Delia’s guide to blockades:

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